About the Author

unnamed2  William Smith is a lay member of the Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo).  For the past fifty years he has held numerous  positions in the Church as Head of the PNK, KMP, countless Committees, Buklod, and lastly Head Deacon of a locale.

He holds a Bachelors Degree and pursued a Masters Degree in Criminology.  Holding a 7th Degree Black belt in traditional Japanese Karate, was one time designated as Head Instructor for Metro Manila.

He was formerly connected with the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency and assigned with the Intelligence and Investigation sectors at Port Area, Manila, in coordination with the Philippine Ports Authority and the Bureau of Customs.

maltesemunchkin-1-2At present, retired, and jobless, he lives off a pension and  enjoys his twilight years with his wife and adopted daughter Goofy – a Maltese dog – alternating as K-9 sentry, attack dog, and personal secretary. Her former assistant and confidant Katy, a half-breed Munchkin cat has sadly left to care for her family of six lovely kitties.

8 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Hi Bro,

    AEs blog is down as of the moment. It appears that it. Is already hacked. Do you have any idea why? Thank. You


  2. Eagerly waiting for your input regarding the latest issue regarding the YouTube video of Ka Angel going around Social Media. No updates in mainstream news. What’s up with that? Where are our detractors dying to see our beloved Church in chaos?


  3. Hello good sir. I think that the last video of ka Isaias Samson indirectly admits that he is AE from the way he pointed out JS as the culprit to this whole issue of corruption inside the church. I’ ve always concluded that AE is/was a Pasugo staff. AE is such a prolific minister/writer.


  4. After all these string of events, where is Ka Tenny who did nothing wrong but asks the church for the safety of her two children and a plea to speak to her beloved son, Eduardo? And how in the world Bro. Mark involved that he, too, was expelled? Your opinion counts to us, Bro. WS..


  5. ben navarro said:

    Wish to meet you in person dear brother. in this lifetime 🙂


  6. Hi Bro WS. It’s a great relief to see you back. I am so worried whrn I learned that you kept quiet. By the way I’ve read about this as I am studying on how a religion can cause anxiety and I bump into this page:


    Upon reading, I realized that everything on the list is familiar. Maybe you can also read into this and maybe have an article relating this to the current state of the church as it may be helpful to those who are still blinded or confused.

    Also Im planning to message this to you personally via facebook but it seems like Im not able to. Im also not able to add you as a friend using my real account since we have a mutual friend from my former locale which is an OWE, the name of your OWE friend in facebook is Diane Lao, I know her personally, maybe she was tasked to monitor your fb account.


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