Hmm, it’s been quite a while …  so five months have already passed since my last post. My apologies to my dearest friends everywhere for having caused some jitters. And to Bibliko, I never had the chance to thank him for his visit and the pasalubong of Centrum Silver (“Silver” because we are nearing our graves 🙂 )which my wife and I take up to now and that wonderful bottle of Chivas – who could ask for anything more! Thumbs up my dear friend and of course to your lovely wife too 🙂

Now, where was I all this time? Well, business has kept me busy in certain areas of the country and a few times elsewhere. Has the church been hounding me?  Of course.  Once they sense that you have friends outside their circle, noticing that I no longer participate in the weekly lagaks and tanging handugans, knowing that I used to be a head deacon, they do their best to ascertain which side I’m on. When these guys say which side, it doesn’t mean God or the Devil but rather EGM or EVM. Yes nothing spiritual only personalities. That is how insecure some people can get. So have I been summoned to the District Office? Oh so many times. I went there once, only once. And that was enough. I knew where I stood. Was I expelled? No, my registration with the INC remains till now.

But taking a break does put things in perspective. Like for instance, I almost forgot my passwords to this site and all others and being senior sure did not help a bit. But fortunately I overcame my senility and here I am, again. I also noticed that the only active blogger aside from AE remaining is “INC on the Edge”. And keeping us all abreast with what is happening to the church is a true gentleman – our Sher Lock, and one fine friend, Benito Affleck.

You really can’t blame all our friend bloggers for “hibernating” like yours truly. There’s life after all and as I said in my earlier articles, the dust has settled and we all know where we stand – some to the left, some to the right, some in between, and some just don’t give a shit. But ever so once in a while, something irritates you that you just can’t keep mum about. For instance, today here in the Philippines a Linggap Pamamahayag will be held at the Philippine Arena. The program is slated to start at 2:00 PM. When you say Linggap it simply means goody bags (of rice, noodles, and sardines) will be given away to visitors who attend the program. The buses ferrying the visitors will be from each locale to the Arena and back. They say everything is free.

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Well, here is what our ordinary members don’t know. There is no such thing as a “free beer”. All those goody bags of rice, noodles, etc. are donations from the Maytungkulin and the bus fares have been paid by the locale through your  Tanging Handugan. Nothing is free. But the literal problem is this. Your visitor will leave the locale for the Arena before lunch and be there until night time. Who shoulders the lunch, snacks, and dinner of these visitors? You, who else. So expect to prepare lunch, snacks and dinner for all your guests. The church administration will not take responsibility there. They only care the impact it will be presenting to the public. Traffic at the NLEX, influx of people at the arena, lights here and there. “Ang lakas at dami ng Iglesia!“. That is what the administration is expecting to hear. Remember Monday is election day in the Philippines. Timing is perfect don’t you think?

Ministers will say that we are duty-bound to spread the gospel so that many may be saved while declaring that it is in memory of the late Sugo whose birthday is on May 10. But wouldn’t it be wiser and less a load to carry if we held the Lingap Pamamahayag at the local level? The church administration would save a lot too and local funds would not be depleted and could be used for better purposes like for example funds for operating the air-conditioning of a locale. How many air conditioned locales do not use the air conditioner for lack of funds? Fairview, is one example. So many Maytungkulin who’d rather worship inside an oven than open the chapel windows to let the air in (marurumihan daw kapilya dahil tabi ng highway!). So we content ourselves with worshipping god sweltering in the heat of 37 degrees centigrate. Sa bagay, ang magtitiis daw hanggang wakas ay maliligtas. (Kayo na lang)

Related imageAnd now the reason why I touched on this subject and the Philippine Arena. A few weeks back, a Tanging Pagtitipon of Maytungkulin was held at the Arena. For one reason or another those who did not attend were suspended indefinitely  makatuwiran o hindi ang dahilan. So that’s playing God literally.  Parang may pinapasahod sila. Seems they forgot, tayo ang nagpapasahod sa kanila. Take away the abuloy, and the handugan, saan sila pupulutin?  I dare you to deny that lahat kayong mga sasardote kuno. Preaching God in the pulpit but kissing the hand of the King afterwards and taking for granted the hands of the members who are responsible for your comfortable living. Now, just asking. Why is there such a thing as the Ministers Night where gifts are given away to “deserving” ministers but unfortunately only the District Heads manage to “win” these prizes? What prizes? Well,  there are cars, laptops, fully paid trips for the minister and family, etc. etc. A nice way to keep those ministers in bay. Deny that too if you dare.

By the way Mothers Day is just around the corner. Wondering why worship service never touches relationship  between a mother and her children. During the previous administration the bond of family was so strong that it could not be stressed more. Lectures of being a prime example of a parent or children was always taught during worship service. No preacher or minister questions the silence because EVM is “god”. Why “god?” Because the three necessities of a human being is dependent on that “god.” Food, shelter, and clothing. Question the silence and you are deprived of food, shelter, and clothing. Not only yours but your wife and children’s too. Too high a price to pay for. It is not a choice of God or the Devil. But rather a choice of personalities. Who do you prefer – FYM, EGM, EVM, or God? Try answering  God, put it in writing and submit it to the King and see what happens 🙂

Before I forget,  Rey Ebron the Barangay Captain mainly responsible for conducting the ouster of EGMs family recently passed away. May his soul ….