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They say we do not celebrate Christmas because it is Pagan oriented with a backdrop of worshipping the sun and not God, stressing further that Jesus Christ was not born on December 25. Plus the practice of offering gifts in the guise of mimicking the three kings or wise men, whichever you prefer. So tayo, meron bang pasko o wala? Hindi ba tayo nakikisabay o nakikiisa sa gawaing “pasko”?

Well I don’t know about you guys but ever since they declared Christmas bonuses so many years ago I have never missed that queue to get my share. And remember, they give it out on December right in time for  Christmas. And our yearly Pasalamat for the elders and the children, when do they hold it?  You got it right! DECEMBER.  Most companies have started giving out mid-year bonuses too in the guise of mid-year 13th month pay. And when do we hold our Anniversary Pasalamat? Right again! Early July. So the Church while claiming it has nothing to do with Christmas simultaneously gets in line to reap off the rewards brought about by the season through its members.

Coincidence they say. Really? Remember, Childrens Thanksgiving was earlier held on December 25 for so long a time and each of the children were given goodies after attending the worship service. The year end countdown, the raffles of the ministers, trip to Jeruselem for the lucky ones, when do they hold it? Right after Christmas day. It’s much merrier they say.

Such thinking is considered heresy, ungodly and so forth. In short we are taught to be stagnant. Let them decide what is good for us or not. We are merely sheep and the only role we play is to utter baahhh, baahhh, baahhh. They are the pastor and we go where they lead us. So they say …

Image result for genius imagesWell as far as I’m concerned, that’s all shit. A generation to advance into the next stage needs individuals with ambition and an open mind. Exploration needs freedom and independence. Not religion that invokes fear of God into the minds of its members rather than LOVE of God. Religion that announces expulsions of members during worship service encouraging its members not to accept or even talk to them or risk being expelled themselves even elaborating to treat the expelled as having gangrene or an infectious disease.

Many have already seen the light or maybe I should say the dark and have chosen to leave. Others just drifting about.  Deacons that pass in front of you with their pouches and you pretend to drop something into that pouch or a blank envelope during Thanksgiving, and so forth. Some say that our duty as members is to give in accordance with God’s law and to the ministers who do wrong with the offerings, let God deal with them. I have never felt comfortable with this reasoning. How can I give in accordance with God’s laws knowing fully well that it is being corrupted with. Proof?

Look around you. Feel your church. Is it feeding you or is it the other way around. Are you happy with the way things are going or do you feel that the church is more money-oriented? Ever notice the Tanging Handugans for this and that? Donations for repair, etc.  Remember, there are only three classifications where money is concerned inside the Church. One, Abuloy.  Second, Tanging Handugan. And LAST, Lagak. Those three were enough to build the Church into what it was 10 years ago.  No additional funding was effected to build the Templo Central, the Sanctuario, the University, and numerous grand chapels across the country. And mind you, we did not owe a single centavo to any financial institution here or abroad. We were definitely a proud lot…then.

Ang mga maytungkulin, kamusta? Kinukuba na kayo di ba, hindi dahil sa sakit ng katawan kungdi dahil sa kaliwat kanan gastusin sa loob ng iglesia. Halimbawa, yong katatapos na Buklod Night. Who sponsored it? The venue, food, prizes, etc. Sino gumastos? Ang distrito ba o mula sa sariliing  bulsa ninyo? Sa bagay ang consolasyon ay minsan dadalawin kayo ng Net 25 at kukunan kayo ng video para ipalabas sa TV at tuwang tuwa naman kayo. In short para tayong mga tanga di ba? Nagpapagamit, ginigisa sa sariling mantika ika nga.

Ang pinagmamalaking Barangay chapels. Itanong natin kung papaano natayo yan. Sino gumastos at literal na gumawa ng kapilya. O batarisan ang dahilan kayat natayo yan. Ang materiales, saan galing? Sa distrito ba o donasyon literal ng mga kapatid? Pati lupa, paano nagkaroon?

When you finally come to think of it you start to question the morality of it all. If God created us in his image, and If God is love, why so much stress, why so many questions, why?

I am sure God created love. Love which we feel in our hearts. The joy of looking into the eyes of our newborn, the contentment of two elderly people walking hand in hand. The beautiful sky and the wonders that surround it. The raindrops that glide onto our foreheads  as we start to run for cover. The barks of our dogs as it sees us rushing into our porches …

Love was created by God. Religion I doubt. As this quote clearly defines –

“I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use. – Galileo Galilei”

Christmas? What the heck. MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

(Pass the ham please … yeah, the ham. Hey Bibliko, enough with the Chivas – you still haven’t commented on my latest blog yet … Goofy, want some cake? Oh, you’d rather have some chicken …Ok I’ll get you some …Mario, Mario, where the hell are you??!!! Come on, it’s Christmas!!!

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