god evolution5

A breather really gives you perspective in  life. You learn to appreciate the joy of living. In the literal sense. The beauty of this wonderful world. The countryside and its people. Taking life one day at a time. Simple chores. Waking up, raking up those loose leaves. The  huge mango tree giving shelter to a makeshift house known as home to a family of six. The mother gathering some wood and fire to prepare breakfast while her children runs to the nearby river to clean up. Their father who had left much earlier to till the land not so far away could be seen coming back with some vegetables in tow. A warm but gentle breeze glides over the horizon as dawn starts to break. Some distant dogs barking and flutter of birds crossing the swaying trees. This is life.

Life is simple. Who cares about Marawi, the Syrian war, the rift between Asia and China. They wouldn’t care less about Trump whoever that may be. Who cares about the gloomy picture of hell and brimstone, pain and suffering come Judgement Day – the scenario continuously bombarded into the minds of all so called Christians and religion and the pathetic conclusion that we are the lucky ones, the chosen ones to salvation. And that we should thank the Almighty Thanos by giving “offerings” (I wonder why they can’t just say “money”, it’s the same thing after all. Want to know why? Because when you use the word “money” it relates to everything  ungodly. Drugs, laundering, prostitution, white slavery, gambling, and so on. You get the picture I’m sure. And when God says it is the root of all evil, you needn’t say more. That’s why money is called “offerings”, “pasalamat”, “handog”, “13th month pay”, “reward”, “share”, etc. It sounds less evil that way. And religion sure knows how to use those sugar coated words to persuade its people to give moolah and more moolah to “continue Thanos’ works” right?)

god evolutionCome to think of it, does Thanos need money? Of course not. What he needs are the Infinity Stones. Does God need money? Are you crazy? What would He do with it? In fact if you think of it, He lives a lonely life, a very lonely life. In fact a boring life, a very boring life. He has no beginning, He has no end. He knows all things..so there is no suspense for Him. He has no equal. He is the Creator of all things. He sits alone in His throne and maybe once in awhile plays chess with Jesus and who do you think will win when one knows the outcome of every move on the chessboard? No challenge, simply boring. We’re more lucky. we watch the Avengers fighting Thanos without knowing how it will end. We romance with a beautiful lass not knowing if it will be a “yes” or “no”. We laugh when we are happy and cry when we are sad. What God can never have, we have.

god evolution2Being supreme I guess has its “limitations”. Know-all, create, destroy, all with the flick of His fingers. Thanos style. And then what next? Who knows? No one does. Not even the great Eduardo III- the king and his dick-sucking henchmen. The only word they understand in the dictionary is “money” and they have sure found where the golden goose has hid all these years. The problem is their golden goose has dried up. What with all those extravagant trips abroad in the guise of pastoral visits. A pastoral visit with the whole family down to their children, wives, and grandchildren in tow. Not to mention his dick sucking knights and their families too aboard a personal air bus bought by the church (which they still do not have the nerve to admit). Preaching gambling is bad but not the raffles giving away extravagant gifts such as cars, laptops, and free trips abroad for “deserving” ministers not “deserving” brethren mind you. We give the money. They spend it.

god evolution3And how does the King approach the problem? At the pulpit, he says, “Do not listen to the  expelled detractors. If you know that you could be deceived, would you listen  to them? Of course not. So do not read or acquaint yourself with these detractors or you might lose your god given gift of salvation.”  

Do you sense a tinge of fear or doubt in those words? If the King was so sure of himself and his leadership why the advice for such?

Well anyway I’m happy because in a few days I will have the chance to meet the great Bibliko. We had a nice chat over the phone  few times. He is also a senior like me but  🙂  he is older than me. Nope he’s not a minister (so, relax all you ministers out there fearing that you could be suspected as the all knowing Bibliko and bear the wrath of King Eduardo III.) We’re trying to convince Super Mario too to come. Then our very own version of Thanos infinity stones would be complete. The unholy Trinity stones  – Bibliko, Mario, and WS.  What next?