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I stare at Ms. Goofy now. She’s deep in slumber in her very own wonderland, her head nestled in that soft cotton pillow while her cute little left front leg drapes across her tiny crib. She’s starting to twitch and snore now. Wonder what a dog dreams? I sometimes think how life would be for me once she is gone. I’ve become so fond of her that she’s the first one I ask for when I come home or when I’m away on business. I also sense her affection for me. I’ve never considered her as a best friend. No, she is more than that. She’s family. I clearly remember her when I first brought her home. So tiny and so young. She wouldn’t touch any kind of dog food. I tried giving her “people” food. She nibbled on it a little then went back to her couch. I guess she felt strange. New faces, new surroundings. She also had this habit of suddenly fainting without warning. She would give out a yawn, and cough consistently, then drop “dead” unconscious. My wife or daughter would yell, “Si Goofy, hinimatay!” I would run over and apply CPR – massage and pumps on her chest until she would awaken and run back to her couch. This was a regular occurrence for the first few months. Now, she’s over that and healthy as ever. Jealous with anyone who she senses comes too close to me and she makes her presence felt with barks of warning towards anyone whoever that may be and that includes my wife, son, daughter, or just about every other living creature on this planet.

You know dear friends I’m sure you’re aware by now that come unforeseen danger, your dog would take a “bullet” for you. Any intruder would have to pass her snarls and thrusts before they would even have a chance to come even near you. That’s how a dog shows her “unconditional” love. Sometimes you may even unintentionally hurt your dog, forget to feed her, or even completely neglect her. But never does she take this against you. Once you gain her trust, and that’s only once, not twice. You only need to gain her trust just once, and she’ll give her life for you. No conditions whatsoever.

Now, the blunt question. Do you believe the King would take a bullet for you? Do you believe when he says, “Patayin nila muna ako, bago kayo pinsalain?

The analysis is quite simple really. To take a bullet, you have to be in the forefront. That’s to protect the person behind you. Well, is the King in the forefront or are his subjects positioned to protect the King. When attending the King’s sermons, how strict are the security protocols? Sniffing dogs, metal detectors, men-in-black all assigned to ensure the safety and security of the King. Now we ask again, “Would the King take a bullet for you?” Oh sure he would. Once he finds a way that is, to get ahead of the herd of crazy security advised to eliminate any unforeseen threats against him.

In putting my life on the line, I’d take Ms Goofy anytime to protect me. I’m sure you would too 🙂

Ka Bibliko wrote me:

Sa lahat ng aking mga kapatid,Sept.20/18. Matagal ko itong pinag-isipan at naipasya ko na TUMIGIL na muna na magbigay o magsulat ng mga komento dito at sa blog site ni ka EDGE.Kung sinoman ay na-OFFEND ko ang nasaktan ang damdamin,humuhingi ako ng SORRY at PATAWAD sa mga palitan ng kuro-kuro o komento.Naisip ko lang na,kung sina ka Tenny,ka Marc at ang pamilya Manalo ay walang nagsasalita o kumikibo sa mga nangyayaring ito sa Iglesia,sino ako para magsalita sa mga nangyayaring ito.Kaya naipasya ko na tumigil muna sa mga komento ko sa bagay na ito.Maraming salamat ka WS at sa inyong Lahat na nakapalitan ko ng komento o opinion at kahit di ko alam ang mga tunay ninyong pangalan ay Natutuwa akong makilala kayo.Muli “humuhingi ako ng paumanhin at patawad kung may nasaktan man ako ang damdamin ni Sinoman sa Inyo”. Salamat at Basbasan at samahan kayo ng ating AMA.—BIBLIKO nagpaalam din ako sa blog site ni ka EDGE. Doon ako unang sumulat ukol dito.Muli salmat ka WS,kung sakali magbalik ako,PANAY Talata na lang sa Biblia ang ISUSULAT ko.Ingat kayo lahat.!!

  • Bibliko

I replied –

You’ll be missed Ka Bibliko but the feeling’s mutual. I myself have been having similar thoughts. The dust has settled so to speak, and it’s clear where all of us stand at the moment. Whether you are for, against, in the middle, or just plain don’t give a shit, the fact remains the dust has settled. We all contributed our share and probably it’s more than enough. Life goes on as one good friend advised. Let’s leave the rest to God. After all, it’s only history in the making with the outcome known only to Him.

Someone once said, “Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed, & rearranged to relocate us to the place we’re meant to be.”

Indeed, the dust has settled.