If you want to appreciate the beauty of life, the wonders of this world, the majestic creations floating around our vast universe, there is one thing that you will have to forego – the belief that you are alone, the belief that you are the best, the belief that only you are the chosen one, the belief that only you can do good and no one else. These traits hinder your emotional growth and your spiritual growth as well.  It is all about harmony. The same harmony that partakes in each speck of life that allows itself to grow and play a particular role in this living earth.

When God chooses to destroy entire civilizations and change the earth’s landscapes through havoc-designs accessible only to Him,  we do not question because we are mere worms ready to be crushed at any micro-second with not an iota of remorse by the Almighty Creator. Calamities have struck us so many times in so many forms but we have learned not to blame Him but instead ironically these calamities have brought out the humanity in all of us. When earthquakes, tidal waves, and hurricanes almost wipe out an entire city, people from all over the world without political preference come out to aid the affected. They do not take advantage of the situation but all of the countries try their very best to extend a helping hand to a devastated civilization.

In maintaining harmony or creating one, first there is the necessity to acknowledge the need of it.  Harmony is described in perfect sense –

“the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.”

“the state of being in agreement or concord.”

“the simplicity of the individual parts focused attention on the harmony of the whole structure”

In short it is a part of the whole that needs exertion to keep it in unison with each other.  The only way to do that is to accept and appreciate the faith, beliefs, and culture that may differ from yours in part or even its entirety. It is respect for humanity. It is love for all.

But, when you start to play roles which were never entrusted to us – to disrespect, to eliminate, or to even kill, YOU are playing God and that is where the problem begins.  You are breaking harmony.  Nurturing a lie for self-preservation, instilling fear and guilt to maintain control. Cloning social media sites, hacking into another account, violating privacy, all constitutes disrespect. But implemented “in the name of God“. Rather pathetic, if you consider.

However, many still decide to keep a blind eye to the abuse, the oppression, the deceit, and even the killings. The same descriptions explaining a close-knit narco-politics situation sans the prohibited drugs but with identical purpose – personal enrichment. The perfect formula that has enriched so many religious leaders in the world. Offer heaven, eternal life, and God’s love and reap back your zero investment in millions. Anyway, here are some of the richest religious leaders of the world  –

There are many more actually. Just read about it. I think I missed a few though 🙂

A few days ago, I was fortunate to meet and have dinner with a very fine and young religious lady together with some close friends of mine. She was Taoist and a pure Vegetarian. We had a not so serious discussion on the vegetarian issue where she expresses her belief that all life is holy and therefore to have to kill these animals just to satisfy our culinary cravings would be considered blasphemy. Then I countered with the premise that  plants had “feelings” too as confirmed by scientific experiments. So wouldn’t it be unholy also to harvest and eat all these vegetables and fruits?

Well, her answer caught me by surprise. She explained that plants in essence reproduces. Cut off a leaf and it grows another. Pick an apple from its branch and another grows in its place. You do not kill it. To consume  a pork or chicken you would have to “murder” it first (Yes, that’s the term she used “murder” and correct too if you define murder. Premeditated 🙂 )  She believes in reincarnation and karma which are actually harmony and balance if you  look at it. Reap what you sow as they say.

To end this little narrative let me quote  a scene from one of my favorite super heroes, Batman  🙂


So my good friend, let’s all learn to ask ourselves – Who am I? What is it I do that defines ME.  And maybe you should also learn to ask your leaders and advisers who they are but more appropriate what do they do that ultimately defines them.

By the way, heard that the King is asking for  a Bukod Tanging, Tanging Handugan this coming end of October.  When I buy a pair of underwear it is in sizes of either Small, Medium, Large, XL, Double XL, or Triple XL. So how do you describe this Bukod Tanging, Tanging Handugan? Easy. It’s Triple XL  🙂

Good night dear friends, sleep tight and sweet dreams  🙂

  • William