“Hanggang sa dulo ng walang hanggan
Hanggang matapos ang kailan pa man
Ikaw ang s’yang mamahalin
At lagi ng sasambahin…”

basil-valdes-1One of my wife’s favorites. No other language could do justice to such a love  than our very own. And no one could beat the tandem of Basil Valdez and George Canseco when it comes to the expression of affection between two people deeply in love.

There are really different levels of love in this world of ours. There is love for mother, father, brother, sisters, friends, sweethearts, dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, and everything in between. In fact this is what makes the world go round. But there is one love that makes this universe exist. Love of God and of course love for his only begotten, Jesus Christ. And we also love their trusted caretakers of the church  starting from the last messenger Ka Felix and his family, Ka Erdy and his family, and lastly … should we include the current King and his family too?

Love is the only “essence” that cannot exist alone. It needs reciprocation. So when you hear the phrase, “Kapatid na EVM, mahal na mahal namin kayo!” and you hear the King during his Webex series on Cashflix, “Kahit may banta sa aming buhay, sinisikap namin na madalaw kayo dahil mahalaga kayo sa akin. Mahal ko kayo!” 

Really? Seriously? Come-on. The only time you make contact with the King is when he stands before the congregation after worship service and you shake his hand. That’s all. He leaves his mansion on a helicopter, arrives at the airport and transfers to an Airbus, lands at his destination and gets aboard his Mercedes luxury van and arrives at your locale. After being treated like a King, he boards again his Mercedes and proceeds to a 5 star hotel for fine dining. Where do you think you come in during this equation?


Let’s compare  🙂  Ka Felix. Take a good look at his pictures mingling with ministers, lay officers, and ordinary brethren. Same with Ka Erdy. Now take a good look at the pictures of your Mahal na Hari.  If he isn’t cutting a ribbon with his wife or sitting enjoying a dance program presented before him, he’s shouting his lungs out, “Yakapin ninyo ang kahalalan natin, ang kaligtasan nasa pintuan na, huwag kayong susuko sa mga kahirapan dinadanas dahil ang kahirapan ay nakatakda sa mga anak ng Diyos, patotoo na mahal tayo ng Diyos!”  Afterwards, his bodyguards in tow rides into his fully air-conditioned Mercedes waves good-bye and proceeds to a five-star hotel to spend the day together with his entourage of ministers, wives, and their families. Ang sarap ng buhay!

Has the King ever made a personal visit to any of his ordinary subjects in recent times? Has he visited the wake of his lay officers who spent their lifetime in service of the church? How many families has he visited and consoled with in his almost 10 years of ministry as King? President Duterte is doing a much better job where compassion is concerned and you don’t see any banners of, “Mahal na mahal namin kayo Digong!” anywhere.  Duterte understands that every project he initiates is caused by the funds of the people, as such no flattery is needed. Our King is a sucker for flattery. He embraces it like a leech grabbing onto your behind.

Have you seen any pictures of banners or streamers praising to high heavens Ka Felix or Ka Erdy during their lifetime? But the question really is why do they allow it? Why does the church administration allow it? And is the king so naive and dumb to think that all this praise and lap-licking is sincere?

515a751dbaebbc672c60fb3a52d06ef4--thank-you-jesus-god-jesusThe church anniversary thanksgiving is right around the corner and when we say thanksgiving, it means offerings. The kingdom is divided here. One group say that they will continue to give because that is the commandment and should their offerings be corrupted by higher ups, they say that it is not their problem but the look-out of the wayward and they shall be answerable to God. The other group says that they no longer give because the offerings do not bring praise to the Lord but only corrupts the corrupt. And the last group the neophytes merely ride on the OWE wagon wherever it may take them. Personally, why play dumb and be confirmed that you are.

The mere fact that blogs like these and Facebook accounts are monitored by a group of STF students, that these sites are prohibited for reading by the ministers, manggagawas and their families, and the continuous non-stop sermons by the King that we are nothing but expelled former members airing their irks on internet is confirmation that we are a force to be reckoned with, no matter how small we may be.

Fallen Angels? Better a Fallen Angel than a Rising Devil as our good friend Mario would put it  🙂

Missing the good old days…