980xMs. Goof’s quite happy these days. She has two cats now keeping her company. Both look exactly the same except for the smaller one  which happens to be a girl. Aside from their cuteness and friendly nature with Goofy, that’s where their cuddleness ends. Both apparently are avid fans of Logan. They enjoy climbing up your thighs, chest and back with BPJvSc09tbpmrPa9zbjKloAidcUjjcrh_JWcMzeMKngclaws extended. Sometimes when I’m on the laptop (like now),  I make sure the Beast and Besta (that’s what I call them) are not anywhere near me. I have so many scratches on my body that my wife just shakes her head in disbelief and sarcastically whispers to me, “Mahal mo naman sila, di ba Cuty-pie?”  I look at all those dried scratches and fresh ones in between mostly on my thighs and shoulders, I start to think, “Maybe I was a dog or cat in a previous life.”

These days unlike a few years back when “biting” was quite furious on FB and blogsites between the “Fallen Angels” and the “Rising Devils” 🙂 , the dust has somewhat settled and blogs are not as frequent as before on both sides. Have they just gotten tired of all the fuss? Probably, this author included. Life goes on as they say. The Church continues to  maintain an iron fist on its ministers and subtle but definite control over its members with their media projecting an image of godliness and compassion for its fellowmen. And behind the scenes, there are legal issues still pending with the courts here and abroad. Not to mention the issues on Church properties mortgaged or sold and unexplained expenditures by the hierarchy – private planes, businesses, mansions, etc.

Though the members continue to stay with the church, sermons every Thursday and Sunday always deal with the same topic – INC as the only hope and salvation for everyone and that whoever questions the church leadership is not with God but with the devil. And before I forget, of course what would a sermon  be without reminders for God’s offerings. As if God needed any money 🙂

tithingSo, let’s discuss church money without the trappings of “seeds”, “offering”, “gifts” and so on. How is church money – that piece of bill or coin you drop into the deacon’s pouch, or handugan box, used by the church? Well, basically the church has only  three classifications when it comes to church money.  P-1, P-13, and P-9. In layman’s terms, P-1 is money you put into the deacon’s pouch come Thursday and Sunday. P-13 is that box you see in the  lobby (not to be confused with he box during the king’s web-streaming sermons), and P-9 – the queue you see on Sundays with brethren holding their cash and  green cards showing how much they have “saved” for the yearly thanksgiving. Now, how are all this moolah used by the church.

P-1:  for Central administration expenses – the minister, employees “salaries” and every logistic expenses related with church administration.

P-13:  for local chapter expenses – janitor, gardener, guard, electricity and water bills, etc.

P-9:  for the construction of chapels.

(For a more elaborate explanation you may check on a previous article of mine)

Period, not a comma but period. That was more than enough to build this empire into a household name, respected by everyone. Enough to build the Templo, Tabernacle, University, Hospital without any fanfare. Clearly explained by Ka Erdy in one of his sermons – without a single centavo loan with any of our banks here or abroad. No tanging-tanging handugan nor selling or mortgaging any of our property.

Oh, but we’re a universal church now they say with the world’s largest indoor arena and holder of numerous Guinness records. So may I ask when was holding a Guinness record a prerequisite to salvation or walking the stretch of Roxas Blvd in the heat of summer while the district ministers and pastors are comfortably settled in hotels nearby. Heckling? Take a good look at your pastors and district ministers. How your suntanned rough and sticky skin pales in comparison to their smooth and fair complexion. They never got this walking with you to reach that Guinness record. Sure they were there when the photo op started.

Ever wonder why we still have to make donations for chapel repair or renovation when we continue weekly with our tanging handugan? Why there are tanging-tanging handugans for lingap or community service when we also have that every week. Why we have to pay for tickets on affairs celebrated at the Ciudad de Victoria when it was our “money” that put up all those events in the first place? Maintenance, they say.  Oh come on, we have been doing our abuloys during our entire lifetime. Wasn’t that enough? Or maybe there isn’t any money left in our coffers. Negative balance as they say in the financial world or is it juggling of funds – get money here, use it elsewhere?

As I’ve said time and again, voluntary contributions will never be able to sustain the existing lifestyle of the King and his henchmen. What with the huge overhead of the Philippine Arena, the almost never used Stadium, and the Ciudad de Victoria itself. Not to mention all the other payables incurred by our talented ass licking knights of the rotten table with the blessing of our beloved king of course.

To overcome the huge deficit, only one option remains – sell or mortgage properties and put up a business guaranteeing continuous flow of income. That is, if you wish to protect and save the church from bankruptcy. Or just get the money and flee to another country . Now that is where the problem begins – how to keep this thing quiet from the church because the church does not engage in any form of income generating scheme or business so to speak. We are a non-profit organization remember?

Here is one comment from a dear friend FilosofoTacio –

“Unlike ministers and even some like JS whom I saw kissing EVM’s hands (reminding me not just of the pope but of Mafia godfathers), I will never consider the Executive Minister of the INC (even EGM whom I greatly respect and love) as my master. In fact, he should humble himself and serve me in the context of a servant-leader preached by Jesus in Mark 10:42-45 Good News Translation (GNT)

42 So Jesus called them all together to him and said, ‘You know that those who are considered rulers of the heathen have power over them, and the leaders have complete authority. 43 This, however, is not the way it is among you. If one of you wants to be great, you must be the servant of the rest; 44 and if one of you wants to be first, you must be the slave of all. 45 For even the Son of Man did not come to be served; he came to serve and to GIVE HIS LIFE to redeem many people.’ “

Now, I ask the King, “Would you give your life for me? Would you take a crown of thorns and a spear at your side so that the church may be spared?”  Would you my King, I dare you. The Church of Christ dares you. Come to Hawaii, Canada, or California sans your droves of SCAN and escorts. Come and visit us … alone. If you dare.

Here’s a video clip, “Televangelists: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.” It explains in candid detail the very seriousness of people exploitation in the name of God and Christ.


Good night my dear friends, life goes on but that doesn’t mean you have to walk it with your eyes closed.