Have you ever wondered why God and Christ are only recognized at the pulpit by our pastors and ministers? Once they leave that pulpit, praise and recognition are reserved for the SATISFACTION of only one person and we all know who that is. Need proof?

When a Worker or Manggagawa makes a visit to your home, ask him why despite being obedient and submissive to all the commandments of God, why you are feeling rejected, that your prayers remain unheeded. That Manggagawa will open his bible and explain to you why, supporting his explanation with verses in the bible.

9aca6f299fdcc6e9efcedf0b512d08fdNow try asking that same Manggagawa when he makes a visit, ask him why the King and his Knights are concentrating on giving alms to people in Africa and why not concentrate on aiding the impoverished brethren here in the Philippines. See where that question will lead you.

They justify their decisions on the premise that the King was designated by God and no one therefore can question his will. But isn’t it true that we question God when we feel so alone, so sad, so rejected.  How many times have we shouted to God with the phrase, “Why have you abandoned us?” “Where were You when we needed you?” And in our times of total submission even uttered to Him, “You are nothing!”

But God never succumbed to our shortcomings nor did He take up on our outbursts. He remained passive and patient, understanding the weaknesses of His children. He knew where our heart was.

How about the King and his ever loyal lapping pitbulls? Do they know where our hearts are, or are they more interested in the contents of our pockets?

Just heard that Ka Joji Pineda and his family were expelled from the church, a few days apart from the clan of Ka Jesse Macaspac, one of our most senior and respected ministers.  All based abroad. Not to mention the nearly all of the prominent laymen Officers of a locale here in Canada starting from the Head Deacon, the Head Choir member and other officers of the church. The trend if you can call it that continues in Hawaii, the expelled members may soon outnumber those still remaining in the so called church.

Unlike before, when expulsions abroad were announced in the Philippines, now the King has decided to keep quiet on expulsions made abroad. I wonder why?

imagesFrom this author’s viewpoint, all those ministers expelled were not because they questioned God but simply because they questioned the King who in his own mind believes that he can do no wrong. So maybe its time for us to take the acid test.

Lemonade anyone?