A few days ago I came across an article on WordPress which caught my fancy. In fact it was a joy to read. It’s fortunate I saved  the article. The author went by the name Bruce Black and the site was Blindspot. Sad to say the blog site no longer exists. An eye-opener so to say.  Mr. Black had this to say:

“The Christian religion ridicules Eve for being so naive in believing a snake that talks when it said, “Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”

Let’s stop there for awhile and give it some thought. We laugh off Eve for listening to a snake that talks but who knows, Christianity in itself may be a little off the grid for believing in a book that tells the story of a snake that talks in the first place.

hqdefaultNow, let’s talk about snakes – the convincing kind and what other kind are there aside from politicians and the guy who sells vacuum cleaners door to door. Have you taken a good look at your pastor recently? The ads they put up on media to sell their religion? Have you taken a very serious look at one very popular religion in the Philippines? Well, since you must have access to the internet on your mobile or most possibly the PC, look up “Iglesia Ni Cristo” and check what it says. Next add the phrase “controversy” after “Iglesia ni Cristo”. Not a very rosy picture don’t you think? Oh sure, they’ll dismiss this as plain heckling by a former disgruntled member or a jealous non-INC antagonist.

Is this just heckling? If so, why are all ministers of the INC and their families instructed to refrain from having Facebook accounts? Why are members who “like” a comment questioning  church administration summoned to the District Office to explain in writing why they did so? Why are FB INC member accounts being monitored with respect to friends and acquaintances? Is this not a curtailing of the basic rights of an individual protected by the Constitution and an invasion of privacy? What has religion got to do with all this?

The only reason any organization or cult puts a stranglehold on its members is if it is trying to hide something. Well is the INC hiding something which it is striving to protect from public scrutiny? And what better guise to use than the pulpit to put up a show instilling fear of damnation among its members and offering salvation through THEIR church as the only way to salvation and convincing members for offerings as primary act towards salvation.

Hmmm nice formula maybe I should try it too.

  • Bruce Black”

I think we would have made a nice team 🙂  By the way, AE has been moving mountains recently with the Brother Jesse Macaspac expose. Don’t forget to follow up his articles. His latest, the reaction of one of our active senior ministers –

  • W Smith