(Previously, The Fate of the Crooked King)

But right before Ka Bien touched that door,  a voice was heard from the corridor, “Where do you think you are going!?” It was the all powerful Ka Jun Santos with an entourage of ministers at his side and some barong-clad guards.

Ka Bien turned his head towards the stranger who simply chose to remain silent.

Ka Jun glanced at the stranger then asked Ka Bien again, “What’s your purpose here? You must be aware that no one enters that room without my consent! And by the way who is this man with you?” He then turned to the stranger and asked, “Are you a brethren? What locale do you represent?” Hearing no reply, he turned again to Ka Bien and asked firmly, “Is he deaf!?

The entourage stayed at bay and did not comment nor participate in the ongoing hustle of sort.

Ka Jun then grabbed hold of the strangers arm and was about to lead him away. This was also the moment the guards started to close in. Then the stranger spoke.

“Ka Jun Santos, son of the late Glicerio Santos Sr. Despite your so many faults, Ka Erdy never ceased to lose faith in you even until he breathed his last. So like Ka Pilo and many others who loved the church but succumbed to human want.  Only one difference separates you from them.  They repented. You did not. So like Lucifer, aren’t you?”

The silence that followed was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

The glow that started to engulf the stranger’s person was startling. “Now, Ka Bien, the door please,” softly instructed the stranger.

Ka Bien opened the door and by this time Eduardo’s staff must have been tipped off  about the unexpected stranger. Everyone was on their feet, some cuddled together crying and some just silent with their heads bowed. The stranger entered and looked around. His piercing eyes cut through the soul of anyone who dared try to meet him eye to eye. He walked straight to the last door – the office of the Executive Minister, but right before entering that room he turned and glanced one more time at Ka Bien, Ka Jun, and everyone in the room. You could never forget that face. It denoted anger, sadness, and betrayal. And as he raised his hand to push open the door, there it was. The cuff of his coat slid down and everyone saw it – a scar just above the palm  portraying a previous penetration of a hard object and a gust of wind that pushed aside his hair showing the markings of something that etched the whole of his upper crown.

There was no doubt now, it was him. The owner himself. Not the caretaker nor the executive minister but the owner of the church. His church.

The stranger entered the room of the executive minister alone. No one dared follow him. As the door slowly closed behind the stranger, you could see Eduardo slumped with his pale face sweating  and shivering.

“Good day my son, I have come to claim what is mine.”

A few seconds of uncertainty … then a flash of light. It was over.



Here’s some good news from Rappler, the King has been appointed  the Special Envoy for OFW concerns by our president , a term lasting one year. Here’s the story –




Is everyone happy a bout the appointment? Check out the survey on the same page. 79% angry.  Maybe he should have just declined the appointment and stuck to his job or should I say ministry? Well as the saying goes, you can’t have everything.




Before I forget, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to everyone who still knows how to love, be in love, and show how to love!  This one’s for you! (Do I believe in Valentine’s Day? Of course not but I do believe in what it represents…like everyone else 🙂 )