thFebruary is starting and the chilly weather still continues. My ever loyal aid-de-camp Ms. Goofy lies at my feet staring at a few neighbors crossing the street.  I’ve noticed Goof a little aloof these days. She’s been missing Katy and her kittens who have grown up and seldom visit the porch. Maybe I should get her another dog to keep her company. That would be a good idea.

“Hey Goof, come here.” She looks up and instinctively raises her paws. I pick her up and hug her close and play with her nose. She likes that. I scratch her tummy and she squiggles around like crazy. We both have a good time doing that while my wife just shakes her head in disbelief.

Goof, wanna hear a story, a religious story that’s not been told yet, a story that is destined to happen any time soon?”

She yelps and I take that as a “yes. 

“Now listen very closely. In a galaxy far, far, away … no, this will happen in a place very, very, near actually.”

A middle aged caucasian is seen walking towards the Central Office. He had apparently passed the initial scrutiny at the main entrance.  The man was wearing a pale cream suit but without the ties. He had a strong gait. His face was serene but reflected past experience of hard times as evidenced by some scars on parts of his face and exposed hand. He had clean flowing dark brown hair that slightly touched his shoulder. The guard at the main lobby noticed the man a few feet away approaching him when something caught his attention and for a second looked away. When he returned to check on the stranger, he was gone or so he thought. Somehow, the man had walked passed him and was now inside the lobby at the desk talking with the receptionist. After a moment, the man slowly walked towards one of the chairs in the lobby and sat down slightly appreciating one of the corner plants displayed there. He sat down with legs crossed and arms firmly cupping the corners of the armrest.  

A controlled commotion was starting at the receptionists desk as one guard proceeded to check on this. One of the receptionists who was now crying had explained in a very low voice what the trouble was all about. The guard smiled shaking his head then looked at the man sitting silently in the armchair. He slowly walked towards the man and said something. The man kept nodding while the guard continued to talk. But suddenly the man raised his hand as if to say, “enough” then said something back to the guard. He was taken aback and slowly started to sweat as trickles formed, gently flowing down his face and  neck. 

Image result for crooked king imagesThen a minister was seen rushing towards the receptionists desk with a few other subordinates most probably ministers and guards too. The whole lobby was now in confusion as the man in the pale suit continued to sit with closed eyes in seeming meditation unmindful of the attention he had created at the central office. The receptionists explained the situation to the minister on-call. The furious red-faced minister and guards steadily approached the man sitting in the armchair. The minister grasped the shoulder of the man and the guards started to take the arms of the stranger. The man opened his eyes and stood up and stared at the minister and the guards. That gaze was more than enough. No one dared touch him afterwards. That stare touched everyone around him.  He was not to be taken lightly.  He had come to fulfill.  He had come to confirm.

“Now, my dear minister or shall I say Ka Bien, how are you doing these days? I have known your father Benjamin. He was a good man. And you were too a few years back. Now, before anything else, please show me to Ka Suratos, your treasurer.”

Ka Bien couldn’t say anything nor could any of the guards but succumb to the whims of this stranger who none of them knew nor could identify.  Ka Bien’s mind was starting to fill with so many unanswered questions, doubts, and fear.  He led the stranger to Ka Suratos’ office and opened the door. The staff was stunned by the appearance of Ka Bien and this stranger who proceeded directly to Suratos office. The meeting was brief. Then the group left. When the doors of the Treasury office closed behind them, the staff was startled to hear the muffled cries coming out of Suratos’ office.

“Now, Ka Bien, you will show me to Eduardo’s office.”

As they were walking down the alley leading to EVM’s office,  Ka Bien mustered the strength to sheepily ask, “Who are you?”

The stranger stopped, turned, looked straight into Ka Bien’s eyes and smiled. “You know who I am. Your heart knows who I am. It is only your twisted mind that can never conceive nor comprehend the truth that stands before you.”

“I said I would be back did I not? When you least expect it.”  

“Now, open that door and show me to your King.”