llt’s exactly 6:34 PM in the evening. A drizzle had started this afternoon and continues as I recollect some thoughts on life and the Church. Miss Goofy still manages to keep me abreast with her version of how life should be and how love is non-negotiable 🙂

Some or more than a few have noticed how this blog has slowly maintained a passive stance in the turmoil that have continuously kept unfolding. Other blogs have also chosen a similar path. Why? The answer is obvious and quite simple. The house remains the same. The owner remains the same. But the family that used to reside in it is not.  When brothers and sisters treated each other as equal without restraint or reservation, then there was true love. How do we see each other now? Brothers against brother, sisters against sister, father against father, mother against mother. The true house? Yes. After all, we do call it the Church of Christ. The true church, members in particular? No, I don’t think so. God or Christ never cared for disunity if we may have forgotten.  Ironically that is the only thing remaining that has kept this church from collapsing – divide and conquer, sow fear among its members. All in the name of salvation with a capital S. Is it worth it, I ask? Living in a world of pretention. “Worldwide walk for humanity”, “Lingap sa Mamamayan,” “Kumpletuhin ang Takbuhin …” all in pretext of praising the Lord. Quite pathetic don’t you think?

But sad to say, the brethren have chosen which side they prefer. Thursdays and Sundays, they continue to attend worship service either as “OWE” or “Silent Defenders“.  It doesn’t matter what label you choose. They still continue to offer alms during worship service (though probably not as much as they used to). They fear detachment, isolation, extinction. The sense of belonging even at a cost have driven them to this state of uncertainty or more precise, limbo.

I on the other hand have learned to accept the reality that people will behave the way they do for reasons known only to them. And as to the crooked King and his Knights of the Rotten Table, God has kept them alive to this day. As to why, He must have His reasons. I nor anyone else for that matter, should ever question that wisdom.

I’d like to post some interesting comments from my dear friends who have continuously kept me company 🙂

“Sorry to say this (again) that this Blog is so delayed and late in its posting that important latest news about the Church and brethren cannot be posted on time. Just the same, here’s the latest and update:


Loyal garderner of Bro. Erano G. Manalo, his wife and son also arrested. Curiously, the wife was detained in Talipapa Police Station while father and son were detained in separate detention facility, Culiat Police Station. Both stations are infested with INC policemen. As of this time, there are 4 detained, including another security of Bro. EGM family. TIME TO HELP BRETHREN.

  • Super Mario

This one’s a post I picked up from Sher Lock in relation to the previous comments of Super Mario –


Iparamdam po natin sa kanila ang ating pagmamahal sa mga nagbibigay ng buhay alang-alang sa Katotohanan at sa nagmamalasakit at sa tunay na nagmamahal sa Kapatid na Erano G. Manalo. Hindi po sila kadugo o kamag-anak ng Ka Erdy ngunit ganun na lang ang kanilang pagmamalasakit. Bigyan po natin sila ng pag-asa. Maaari po nyong ipadala DIRECTLY sa kanila ang inyong tulong. Please send this page a private message for direct connection to family representatives here in the Philippines. Sher Lock will not sleep or rest 24/7 until all 4, including a mother are released safely. MAY GOD BLESS US ALL.

  • Sher Lock

And some food for thought –

“I find Reese Witherspoon’s decision to come out with her own sexual assault experience very touching as well as disturbing to anonymous but not necessarily silent defenders like me. In a recent discussion with Oprah that she partipated in, she said that she is done staying silent: “As you can see I’m very emotional about it but I keep going back,” she told Oprah. “Somebody sent me this Elie Wiesel quote that said, ‘Silence helps the tormentors. It doesn’t help the tormented, and neutrality helps the oppressors not the oppressed.’ And there’s moments that you have to evaluate whether silence is going to be your only option and in certain times that was our only option, but now is not that time.”. Actually, Elie Wiesel who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 for speaking out against violence, repression, and racism and was described by the Norwegian Nobel Committee as “one of the most important spiritual leaders and guides in an age when violence, repression and racism continue to characterize the world.” explained his feelings during his acceptance speech:

Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant. (Wikipedia). …….

Is God sending a message to the true INC members through this?

  • Filosofo Tacio

Let’s turn our interest on other matters equally worthwhile. Have you noticed Albay is taking center stage these days? And why not. For those who may have forgotten we have the perfect volcano this side of Asia and it’s erupting this very moment!

The “banned” ABS-CBN station covered it quite clearly. Read about it here.

Equally interesting is how Livescience describes it as a “face-lift” reshaping the deformed south side of the volcano caused by a previous eruption, producing a perfect cone. So maybe in terms of what is happening to the church, we may also be experiencing a “facelift”  🙂 .