Here’s one from Super Mario. He’s the same guy Mario to everyone of us or Maria if you prefer. Either way one solid no-nonsense individual we all love 🙂

“This one just came in which I quoted from a Silent Defender:

Hello fellow Defenders. We just have a message to relay. We already know about the violent history of the EVM Administration and how they also like to create fake and false/fabricated charges against Defenders. We’re constantly praying for the 3 they recently kidnapped [on whom the INC is trying to create fabricated charges as well].

Also, just to let everyone know – Brother Thomas Boyle is a Silent Defender whom they recently implicated and has long been monitored by the EVM Administration. There is another one whom we will post about here, just to warn everyone about what the EVM Admin can do to him also because they might SET him up as well – isang dating tagapangasiwa na nasa paaralan ngayon. In case another news story pops up about this minister #alamnathis. He is another minister (former district minister) who is also a Silent Defender. Isa po siya sa mga naninindigan na pautuloy ituro ang mga tuntunin na ipinatutupad ng kapatid na Eraño G. Manalo lalo na sa paaralan. If he gets charged with something or set up and another story pops up, we already warned you here.

Truth-words-on-backgroundAlam na daw po nila EVM na Defender sila at nagtatago na po sila Ka Tom and family. If possible, tulungan po natin sila. Kasi nanganganib na din po ang mga buhay nila. Sinusubaybayan na sila. [EVM and cohorts already know they are Defenders, and Ka Tom and family are already in hiding. If possible, let us help them because there are threats also to their lives, and they are being pursued].

Marami pang mga tagapangasiwa at mga ministro ang Silent Defenders na patuloy na nagpapadala ng info po sa amin. Bukod po kay ka Tom Boyles ay marami pa pong mga tagapangasiwa at mga ministro na patuloy pong nagpapadala sa amin ng mga impormasyon sa mga kasalukuyan nangyayari sa Iglesia at patuloy na tumututol sa mga kasamaan na nangyayari ngayon. Nangangamba po kami na maaaring gawin din sa isang dating tagapangasiwa na ngayon ay tagapagturo sa paaralan ang kanilang ginawa kay Ka Tom Boyles.


Hindi po natin alam ngayon at this very moment kung kinidnap na ng Sanggunian sina Ka Tom. We will keep you posted.”

  • Super Mario

As we all know this thing can go either way. One, the guy really committed the accusations against the victim or as the report depicts, it was created to discredit the accused. If the family of Boyles have gone into hiding well, they may be hiding from possible retaliation (by the Administration, victim’s family) or simply fleeing from justice.

“O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!”