yyou know my dear friends and readers, for once I am not going to lose my cool nor my head but instead will side with the initiative of the church administration on alms giving or perhaps the appropriate term would be offerings to God. This coming September 23 and 24, the church has declared it to be the Worldwide Day of Donations. So, being a member of the Church, I have decided to pitch in and raise awareness of giving donations for the glory of God, the Creator of this universe and Owner of everyone and everything dwelling on and in it.

Let’s begin. Beside donations how can we help in raising funds for the church in praise of God?  Here are some suggestions:

  • Bring out the Tanging Handugan boxes on Thursdays too, why limit it to Sundays only? Aren’t we aware that in the days of old worship services were held daily so what’s wrong with adding offerings even on Thursdays all in the glory of God?
  • Or, remove the Tanging Handugan boxes and change the process of collecting the tanging handugan. Instead of boxes, use the regular supot or pouch. Assign a new set of deacons/sses to collect it. So now aside from the regular deacons/sses who goes around the pews, there will be a new set of deacons/sses also going around but this time to collect the tanging handugan. (Walang kawala, dadaan mismo sa harapan mo.)
  • Create an on-line system where you can transfer personal funds to the P-9 Collections (taunang pasalamat lagak).  This is for convenience and avoiding the long lines.
  • Guaranteed seats at worship services at an offerings fee.  You can come late but still be assured of a seat inside the chapel. And for those who desire a more private and secluded area far from the crowd, the church can provide a VIP Lounge built primarily for that purpose, at an offerings fee of course. Nothing wrong here, the Philippine Arena has a VIP and VVIP Section too. VVIP meaning Very Very Important Person meaning “Pinakamamahal naming Kapatid”. No kidding, this was even touched during a stint with Kris Aquino not so long ago in her TV show when she asked what “VVIP” meant.
  • During the Sta Cena or Holy Supper services, when a sickly member cannot attend, the tinapay and katas ng ubas is brought to the home of the sick brethren. In the same manner do this for all brethren who missed worship service and collect the abuloy at their homes.
  • Compulsory requirement for every church member to purchase at least a single Pasugo Magazine every month.
  • Create a Committee to subtly ask politicians for support in the church campaign on fund raising.

Now, there is the remote possibility that these suggestions might not work. So do we have any other recourse. Luckily there is. While conducting some research on church fund raising, I came upon this site and it is verrrryyyy interesting. Why not give it a try 🙂

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