llet’s discuss politics for awhile. People can’t seem to get enough of the death of one Kian delos Santos. Almost everyone jumped into the bandwagon shouting “EJK” and “Justice for Kian!” Driving the bandwagon are none other than Senators Risa Hontiveros (who chose to take into custody her so called witnesses),  Frankin Drillon, and all their fellow “Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree ..” fans. Kian_Laloma-cemetery_02_CNNPHNow, where is this hullabaloo leading to? Who was Kian anyway before becoming a synthetic superstar? Why the fuss? The case has already been filed in the courts. Why the continuous fanning of the coals? “In aid of legislation” the Senate says. What other legislation do you need to create? It has already been written in the Bill of Rights, Article III of the Constitution –

“Section 1. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws.”

Or do we see a personal agenda here?

Instead of crying over a synthetic hero, don’t you think it would be more appropriate and sincere to sympathize over real heroes giving their lives for this country, fighting for families and people they do not even know? Wouldn’t it be more heartwarming to see the people of this country going into the streets to show support for the soldiers braving the war-torn streets of Marawi? Photo by Rhaydz Barcia/RapplerHow many soldiers have been wounded, died, and their families displaced because a handful of terror-hungry dissidents carrying a foreign ideology forced their way into a God loving peaceful city?

Learn from the Mcgregor -Mayweather fight. After all the trash talking pre-fight conferences; after the fight when Mayweather won on a Techhnical KO, Mcgregor approaches Mayweather and in the greatest show of sportsmanship embraces him and both show signs of respect and admiration for each other.  A true gladiator accepts his limitations and acknowledges defeat. No sour-graping here. Plain and simple maturity.

That’s what our politicians lack. When you win, “Thank you countrymen for your support!” When you lose, “I was cheated!” 

In closing, a few bit of advice. When a paraffin test shows negative of powder burns, it just means that – the subject didn’t have traces of powder residues in his hand. That’s all. It can mean several possibilities. He could have been beaten to the draw and never managed to pull the trigger. Wearing appropriate gloves also gets the same result. hqdefaultWashing the hands with very hot water can also remove the powder burns. In layman’s language the paraffin test is conducted by pouring melted candle wax or paraffin over a cotton clothed hand and the paraffin peeled off when dry. If positive you’ll see specks of black gunpowder residue on the paraffin wax, if negative, none. So if you’ll fire a pistol, then soak and wash your hands with very hot water, the pores of your hand opens up and any remaining residue is removed or you can immediately apply the paraffin test yourself at home to remove any residues then if the time comes when you are required to submit to a paraffin test, the results will be negative.  So either way, the paraffin test is never conclusive, like the Lie Detector test (Polygraph) – it only shows inclinations to such and is never conclusive.  How do I know? Ask my friend Chris 🙂