aafter more than a month of posting the Polls and 364 votes coming in, here are the results to the question –

On a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the most positive, how would you rate the current Executive Minister?

The results are presented in Pie and Bar charts.


There were also two comments from the voters –


The Polls started as a side thought suggested by our friend Mario just to see and gauge how we comprehend the Executive Minister in terms of his general behavior in leading the Church. Initially I had doubts that anyone would vote for fear of being traced and identified despite assurances to the contrary. When the votes started coming in though in trickles, the lowest rating votes ( 1 rating) started piling up against the highest (10 rating).

I was anticipating the 10 rating votes to subdue the lowest rating votes in the days to come but surprisingly it never did. After more than a month and 364 votes coming in, the lowest grade given (1 rating) totals 295 and the highest positive grade (10 rating) reached only 26.  Percentage-wise it was 81 percent against and 7 percent for.

Maybe the brethren in  general would rather just keep quiet than vote for or against the Executive Minister.  Or maybe, only the Defenders voted. But why didn’t the thousands of BEM students and ministers vote for the Executive Minister to quell the negative votes? Well, to place a vote, they would first have to come to the site. A sudden surge in votes would be noted by yours truly since it is being monitored on a day to day basis. If that would be the case, INCreflections would have probably equaled AE’s INCsilentnomore in popularity  🙂  And of course there were also the non-INCs, how did they perceive the Polls?

It was fun while it lasted, and maybe we’ll start another survey or poll soon, any suggestions?

  • William