aa few days back, I received a rather unexpected response on the current church crisis from a new reader who goes by the name  Aware.  His thoughts or putting it more accurtely, frustrations has apparently brought him to the edge. I can’t blame him though because most if not all of his observations are correct. This is what he has to say –

The saddest part of what’s going on is the fact many simply don’t care or as said before are afraid to lose their membership. I’ve done my part, shared what’s going on yet many still attend 100% of the time because of parents or fear of being questioned. My issue with that is as long as the admin sees full houses of worship they know they control the brethren. Yes you don’t listen to lesson etc. etc. but they see you there which means they are winning even if you give less than before it all still adds up.

What’s painful to see is also people dying yet those (the family) who started this whole thing remain quiet. What are you not sharing with us we should know. People should know the defenders are split into 2 groups and my personal opinion says the evil admin used it to their advantage. They can liquidate people then blame the rift between defenders as an alibi.

egm-family-copyAnother big issue is with sherlock why doesnt he publish or share w.s articles and incfromtheedge ? Just sad to see people being sacrificed when the expose should have been done asap, to much info being slowly leaked which admin loves because gives them time to change the stories and they’ve done a great job of destroying the families reputation.

Why, because they don’t talk they’re must be something big that no one wants out but why start this whole thing in the first place if while people are dying you remain quiet. Anyway, just frustrated with this whole mess.Many are aware but sadly show admin they wont stop attending and as far as admin is concerned numbers mean control.

  • Aware”

iglesia-9Dear Aware, believe me I understand fully well your feelings and frustrations. In fact I also share some of your observations though I have opted to remain quiet maybe till now. But before that, I’d like to also express my sentiments with respect to your mention of Sher Lock, myself and incfromtheedge. Sher Lock has gone out of his way and sacrificed so much for the cause and he should be given credit for that. As for his reasons for posting his exposes in installments, I leave it up to him. He must have his reasons for doing so and I respect him for that. Sharing is a personal thing. You do or you don’t. It never makes you a lesser person either way. It’s a matter of choice. But I do remember him sharing some of my posts some time back.

On your observation on the family’s silence, I have to agree with you on that. No one except you has ever expressed this openly. I for one have kept quiet but had been wondering what is the reason of the extreme hatred of the Executive Minister towards his brothers, sister and mother to the extent of even putting his brother and nephew in jail on trumped-up charges. What is the grudge? What is the problem between them?

Back then, I said to myself, “It’s a family problem, none of our business.” But now, people are getting killed. There was Ka Lito, then Peter, Ka Danny, and Ka Felix. A single common denominator existed among all these people – they were staunch supporters of the late Ka Erdy and family.  They brought food, medicine, and other necessities to expelled brethren Ka Angel, Ka Lottie, their families and household. Ka Tenny and Ka Marc are abroad supported by our brethren.

cv4rq3buyaalzmp-copyThe family has been silent since they officially declared on media in 2015 that their lives were in danger and that certain church ministers had been held captive. There were also charges of corruption committed by the church hierarchy. But since then, they have chose to remain silent. No one was hurt while the family was confined to 36 Tandang Sora but after they were transferred to Bagong Diwa, Bicutan, the killings started. Why did they wait until the transfer or was it simply planned to avoid an INC scandal within the premises? Sometimes, I ask myself, why must the innocent who simply deliver basic necessities to the kin be murdered? Just for the sake of argument, wouldn’t it be easier and fair to just kill off your kin. After all, they’re inside a cell under the control of INC police and inmates aren’t they? Why kill off persons who have nothing to do with your personal family problem whatever that may be?

And now that the lives of four families and their kin have been seriously affected not to mention families who were harassed to the extent of bullets riddling across their homes in front of their children, I guess it can no longer be considered a “personal family problem.” If it is starting to affect its members in a fearful way and at some point fatally at that, then it is something that should be addressed. We all know the rift was there way before this crisis. Ka Angel even hinted on this “family dispute” during his closing prayer at Tandang Sora or Luzon, apologizing to the brethren before returning to his seat, “Patawarin nyo ako kapatid.” You could sense the hurt and anger felt by Ka Angel during his prayer even mentioning the Executive Minister’s full name “Eduardo VILLANUEVA Manalo.” Of course there were deafening whispers after the worship service but as expected no one dared ask Ka Angel about it.


The Sugo passed away in his 70’s while Ka Erdy in his late eighties. The only difference between the two were the treatment given by the church prior to their deaths. We knew the Sugo was ill at the time and the Church was fully aware of it. But Ka Erdy and family remained silent during this ordeal. During the Church anniversary in July 2009, there was even a taped message by Ka Erdy played on screen at the Araneta Coliseum (though most claimed that it was not a recent one). One month after, August 31, 2009, Ka Erdy passes away completely unexpected shocking the Church membership.

Eldest son Eduardo takes over. Everything seemed fine for a few months until Blogger Antonio Ebangelista exposes to the world the realities of the church under the new regime. Then all hell breaks lose. Allegations of kidnapping, corruption, torture, expulsions and the final straw, the family speaks up against the Council of Elders.  The current Executive Minister Eduardo sides with the Elders.  The mother Ka Tenny, his two sons and daughter Ka Angel, Ka Marc, Ka Lottie together with their families are expelled from the INC. The brethren takes sides. One for EVM and the other EGM. Both sides are vocal in social media exchanging tirades left and right. The majority of the INC however remains silent and continue to attend worship service and activities.

13But it didn’t end there. Slowly but surely, church members who were not in accord with the current administration were identified, questioned, and expelled.  Not satisfied, harassed, intimidated, and finally tortured and killed if the administration was not satisfied with expulsion alone. Simply because, the other sided with Ka Erdy’s family and brought food and necessities to the family – in effect EVMs kin and brethren literally. Again I ask, why put the blame and anger on us mere supporters who can do and have done no harm to you literally. Why not kill and murder all your kin instead? You have the capacity don’t you? What are you afraid of? You can’t kill your own kind but have the audacity to destroy everyone else.  That is cowerdice.

Maybe Ka Tenny and her kin can explain what happened at the deathbed of Ka Erdy. Who were present? What was his last will with respect to the Church? Why was not the Church informed beforehand the seriousness of Ka Erdy’s health? I think the Church has the right to know and maybe, just maybe we will understand what really is going on.

We all love Ka Tenny and the whole family except of course EVM and his family. Let’s just be honest about it.  I personally would like to see Ka Angel lead the Church in the near future. With the hardship and trials he has been enduring I see very similar resemblances to the past men of God and in our time to even Mandela who in the end lead his people truthfully and righteously. And should that come in our lifetime, I see an administration where brethren, lay officers and ministers share equal responsibilities and recognition as should be, no line dividing the three; safely, in harmony, in love, without fear, with God and Christ in the center of their lives.


Iglesia ni Cristo (Tagalog pronunciation: [ɪˈgleʃɐ ni ˈkɾisto], abbreviated as INC or Iglesia; English: Church of Christ) is an international Christian church that originated in the Philippines and has been accused of being a cult. It was registered in 1914 by Felix Y. Manalo, who became its first Executive Minister.”

Felix Ysagun Manalo (born Félix Ysagun y Manalo, May 10, 1886 – April 12, 1963), also known as Ka Félix, was the first Executive Minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo and incorporated it with the Philippine Government on July 27, 1914. He is the father of Eraño G. Manalo, who succeeded him as Executive Minister of the INC, and the grandfather of Eduardo V. Manalo, the current Executive Minister.

Because there were no precursors to the registered church, external sources and critics of the INC refer to him as its founder. The official doctrine of the Iglesia ni Cristo is that Felix Y. Manalo is the last messenger of God, sent to reestablish the first church founded by Jesus Christ, which the INC claims to have fallen into apostasy following the death of the Apostles.”

Eraño de Guzman Manalo (January 2, 1925 – August 31, 2009, also known as Ka Erdy, was the second Executive Minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), serving from April 19, 1963 until August 31, 2009. He took over the administration of the church after the death of his father, Felix Y. Manalo, in 1963. He was instrumental in the propagation and expansion of the church internationally. He previously held office as the General Treasurer of the Church, and as a District Minister of Manila.

“Eduardo Villanueva Manalo (born October 31, 1955 in Quezon City, Philippines) is the eldest son of the late Eraño G. Manalo, and the incumbent Executive Minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC). He is the third generation of the Manalo family to lead the church following his father, and his grandfather, Felix Y. Manalo.

Eduardo Villanueva Manalo was born on October 31, 1955 in Quezon City Philippines to Eraño G. Manalo and Cristina Villanueva. His name literally means “guard” as what his grandfather Felix Y. Manalo gave him. He was married to Babylyn Ventura on January 2, 1982 whom he met when studying at the University of the Philippines, and had three children named Dorothy Kristine, Gemma Minna and Angelo Eraño. Dorothy, their eldest, graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Law at the University of the Philippines, married to Theoben Orosa, and now serves as INC Corporate Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Directors of New Era University (NEU). Gemma, their second child earned her bachelor’s degree in Music Education and Choral Conducting at the New Era University, married to Antonio de Guzman Jr., and now serves as INC Overall Choir Coordinator and Head of INC Music Department (which was previously held by Pilar Manalo Danao and later, Liberty Manalo-Albert). Angelo Eraño, their last child, is currently a minister of the gospel, serving as Overall Coordinator of the INC Christian Family Organizations and CEO of the Christian Era Broadcasting Service Incorporated, married to Janica Mae Mangunay, daughter of a minister.

2015 Iglesia ni Cristo Leadership Controversy

The 2015 Iglesia ni Cristo leadership controversy is a dispute between senior members of the Christian denomination Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) in the Philippines. In July 2015, it was reported that the INC had expelled some of its ministers, along with high-profile members Felix Nathaniel “Angel” and Cristina “Tenny” Manalo. Angel is the brother of current INC Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo and Tenny is the mother of Eduardo, and widow of former Executive Minister Eraño Manalo.

Angel and Tenny were expelled from the INC for “sowing disunity” in the Church. The INC administration released a statement claiming that Eduardo had agreed to the expulsion of his brother and mother from the INC, as decided upon by its overall leadership. However, both Angel and Tenny claimed their lives were threatened by the Iglesia administration. Angel and Tenny had reportedly been illegally detained at the Iglesia’s Central Office Complex in Tandang Sora, Quezon City, and that at least ten ministers of the Church were missing and alleged to have been abducted. (Read more)