hhhere’s a message from our friend Lost Sheep. We are humbled by the majority of our readers who have shown a very basic principle endowed by God in His children – the freedom of choice. This was the reason why we chose to stray away from our former religion and embraced the INC because in our hearts we knew and understood that it was the right thing to do. In the same manner, though we may not be the visible majority, we still speak up because it is still the right thing to do.  They have constantly been preaching to just leave if we can’t take the “heat”.  They forget as another friend  Hope Eternal would say –

“They must be reminded that they don’t own the church and we have as much right as any member to fight for the truth and our love for the church.”


From Lost Sheep

“As a high school student in Palo Alto, California, I was fascinated by experiments. So I hired myself out to any experiment, focus group or survey that would have me.

That’s how I ended up sitting in a laboratory with a guy in a white lab coat who explained that he was conducting an important scientific experiment. I was going to be compensated for my time and, and helping to further a scientific discovery. Fantastic!

“There’s a man sitting in another room, on the other side of this wall,” Mr. White Coat explained to me. “This man is taking a test and if he answers a question incorrectly, you must give him an electric shock.”

Mr. White Coat shocks me the 15 volts to show me how it feels. Ow! I snap back in my seat. Tolerable, but definitely painful.

“Remember,” Mr. White Coat reminds me. “If the test subject gets the wrong answer, you shock him.”

The test begins. The man taking the test gets a string of wrong answers. I shock him. Wrong answer. I shock him again.

With each progressive shock, the man on the other side of the wall — the man I am shocking — begins to yelp, then cry out, then scream. It sounds like the pain is becoming unbearable.

I glance up at Mr. White Coat and he urges me to keep going. After the third shock, the man on the other side of the wall SCREAMS out, “Stop! Please! STOP! Let me out!” and starts pounding frantically on the wall. I yank back my hands and stand up.

“This experiment is over. I won’t shock him any more. He’s screaming. It obviously hurts.”

Sternly, he urges me to sit down and continue. “You agreed to this experiment so you have to finish it.”

“No, forget it, I won’t do it,” I tell him. I gather my things and prepare to leave. Mr. White Coat puts his hand on my shoulder to stop me and says, “Wait.”

“The man on the other side of the wall is also participating in the experiment. He wasn’t really being shocked. You weren’t hurting him. He was just pretending. He wasn’t the test subject. YOU are.”

You can imagine, my teenage jaw fell right down to the floor. I was stunned and also relieved.

He went on to explain that he and his colleagues were conducting an experiment to see how people obey orders and respond to “authority figures.”

The results were pretty troubling. Many of the people controlling the “shock” button kept shocking, and shocking, and shocking, and shocking…up to 450 volts (“Danger: severe shock”) despite horrible screams and pleas coming from beyond the wall.

When I see someone doing something that’s painful, unethical, ineffective, or that just “doesn’t feel right” for whatever reason, I urge them to speak up. I urge them to stop. I urge them to trust their instincts, rather than blindly trusting “The Man in the White Coat.”

Your “speaking up” story can be anything you want. Stopping a person from beating their dog. Telling a teacher that you DO in fact have singing skills. A time when you spoke up in a meeting and suggested something totally opposite to the common group think.

By speaking up and choosing to behave differently than your peers, you could transform your industry, change your customer’s lives, or (who knows?) even save someone’s life.

When you feel the urge to speak up or defy the “orders” you’ve been given, do it.

  • Lost Sheep”


This coming Saturday and Sunday the church will conduct once again the Special offerings for children in celebration of the church anniversary.  It will instill in our children the importance of offerings to God but keeping the monetary side silent. But after the worship service and all the offerings are counted, one particular question will remain and this will be the monetary stress, “Sumulong ba (was there an increase [compared to the previous year] )?”

For those who may not  be aware, all pastors and ministers are required to submit in writing and explain why their locale thanksgiving offering declined if ever, for the current year.

mqdefaultThere was a time when the church’s thanksgiving was only once a year. Once for the children (PNK) and once for us adults (Katandaan). And it was enough to meet the needs of the church. It was during this time that the Central Office was built, the rise of the Templo and the Sanctuary, the New Era College, etc. Our itinerary was basically propagation, strengthening the faith, and the worship service every Thursday and Sunday. The Christian life was simple. We were simple.

Fast forward. The Philippine Arena, the unfinished Ciudad de Victoria, Private air bus planes, helicopters, Ferrari, BMWs, private mansions, business establishments, concerts, dancing, fireworks, Guinness records, etc. etc. And on a not so pleasant side we hear of tortures, killings, abductions, reprisals,smuggling etc. etc. No proof they say. Of course, who said there were?

It’s really a matter of choice. Your choice. Continue to fuel the machine that runs it or opt to make the difference felt. For you, your children, and the generation of Christians to come. We are the Church of Christ, His church. We abide by his ways and wishes.

Your Choice.