lln a few weeks time we will be holding the Mid-year Pasalamat or Thanksgiving, with special offerings of course. Tanging Handugan as they say. But when you think of it, are not all our offerings “special” to the Lord? These are not just loose change randomly picked from our pockets. These are offerings segregated from our earnings solemnly kept and safeguarded for its lone purpose – to please God our Creator. It is not measured in terms of quantity for He actually has no need of it. It is a benchmark to check how far we are willing to go to please HIM. And how do we know if He is pleased with what is offered to Him? The answer is quite simple. When the offerings are unblemished. When not a single coin is missing. When the offerings are used to praise and worship HIM in every way possible. When it is not tainted with greed, desire, and everything earthly.

There was a time Ka Erdy said that after the Centennial of the Church there should be no despicable chapel anywhere. That was his vision. His foresight was that all chapels should invite awe and wonder to the conscious public. It was during his time that the Central Office was built, the grand INC Templo that brought amazement to everyone. It was a time we were proud to be called Iglesia Ni Cristo, the Church of Christ. We were an envied lot. Who wouldn’t be with a leader true to his calling. Who knew right from wrong. With only one thing in mind – to love and protect the Church with his life at all cost. NOT love and protect himself at all cost.

aNow, are you proud that you are an Iglesia Ni Cristo? Are you proud that you have barangay chapels everywhere? Are you proud of our ministers travelling around in their new Innova cars? Are you proud of our King, Queen, or let’s just say the Royal Family travelling in style all over Europe in their own airplanes, jets, and choppers? Do you enjoy listening to their homilies on perseverance while donned in expensive suits, accessories, and travelling in a high-end Mercedez van?

Or are you one of the growing crop of members who no longer have  green-white-red stickers on their car windshields? Ever ask yourself why ministers don’t have those stickers on their cars?  Don’t want to be identified outside of the church circle, why? Are we now a mere pretentious lot claiming to be the true church with nothing to show for it? Scandals of kidnapping, murder, church loans, businesses, etc. All not related in anyway to the doctrines of the Church. Mere gossip? I doubt it. Look around you. Read the news. Feel your Church. Is it the same? The name may be. Or have some group of individuals with their own personal agenda of enrichment gained control?

Our offerings keep and maintain the thirst of these individuals who have discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and all they need to do is to sow fear among its members. Fear of damnation and expulsion from the so-called true church. The cash thus continues to roll in indefinitely.

They have indeed struck a gold mine.

Here’s a portion of the latest article on incsilentnomore regarding the death of one ex-marine soldier Peter John Delos Santos Ledesma who was killed after delivering basic needs at Camp Bagong Diwa, Taguig:

“Peter John, was one of the ex-marines who has been helping the Family of Bro. Eraño G. Manalo by bringing them food, water, and other basic needs. He was on his way home from delivering food and clean clothes to Bro. Angel V. Manalo in Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan. He had with him, the used clothes and food containers that he took from Bro. Angel.”

Are there any connections between Ledesma, Villocino, Patungan, and Fruto aside from the fact that they sympathized with the detained Manalo cause? Benito Affleck has come up with very disturbing news. It appears that Ledesma was the lone witness to a conversation between Villocino and an implicated police officer before the formers disappearance. Read here.

Need the rat hole go any deeper?