mmy apologies on the silence of this site for the last few days. Suffice to say we were almost compromised.

It has been rather an unusual week for all of us. First, our President declares Martial Law in Mindanao, then an earthquake of 5.5 intensity hits the Metro. Then the most saddening of all, our comrade Doc Lito is riddled by bullets killing him instantly. But the irony of it all, not one major media network covers the incident. The only pictures and stories are from Facebook. No follow-up by authorities. No news. Nothing. A sad day for all law abiding filipinos …

My friend (not an INC) commented, “Masyado kayong mabait [your’re all too kind],” referring to the Defenders. There will be more he added. I told him there were actually two more still missing. He just smiled and said, “You want change, you should work for it.” Whatever that meant one thing was certain, definitely he wasn’t satisfied with how we were doing it.

I first met Ka Lito when I was following up a story and needed confirmation from inside sources. That was a year ago. I had been following his posts on Facebook and his comments were should you say sometimes, “below the belt.” But reading  between the lines, I sensed he was a credible and no-nonsense guy. So I PM’d him and asked if we could meet. We met at Trinoma, Mary Grace Cafe. I recognized him immediately, no different from his profile on FB. Well, he seemed a little surprised upon seeing me though. I guess he was expecting someone quite different from who was standing before him. Anyway, we had pasta, coffee, and a very long conversation in between dealing with everything. I did the questioning and he clarified everything I wanted to know. There was no hesitation – not one bit. We had a few laughs too. We met again a few times after and usually would send a PM if I needed to ask something. He was always there with a ready answer. The last PM he sent me was a few weeks ago before Ka Angel and Ka Gem was about to be transferred to Bicutan. I was inquiring how I could visit Ka Angel and he was asking when I would be going. That was just before the transfer to Bicutan.

There was one sentiment we both shared but not exactly a common one among the group. I have not touched on this yet, maybe sometime in the future. But now there may be no need to.  Ka Lito PM’d me a few days after and asked me to write an article about it for him to post  and in his own words added, “Pabayaan mo silang magalit sa akin, huwag lang sa yo. [Let them be angry with me, as long as it isn’t you they’re angry at.] So I wrote a rough draft and sent it to him. As expected, he posted it and I’m sure you are aware what happens when something controversial is aired by our Doc Lito 🙂

18740560_861770747305548_8391477912009101264_nBy the way, he was also responsible for giving me medication to treat my wife’s sickness. For that alone I shall forever be grateful.

I will miss our coffees and pasta together Doc …