ffor the past few days Facebook has been abuzz with “Mom” and everything related to Moms. It’s Mothers Day after all isn’t it?  But when is actually Mother’s Day? Well according to Professor Wiki –

“In the Philippines, Mother’s Day is officially celebrated on the second Sunday of May, but it is not a public holiday. Although not a traditional Filipino holiday, the occasion owes its popularity to American Colonial Period influence.” [Mothers Day]

Image result for filipino mothers day images(Now before anyone gets the idea that this article is about something questioning Mothers Day, it is not. In fact I don’t care if it was the devil himself that created this day. All I care about is that I love my Mom and I appreciate that there is a special day for her and all Moms throughout the world. Just think, without a Mom, the human race would be extinct! That being said …)

So today is officially Mothers Day here in our country but better maybe it should be called “Family” Day with the mother holding center stage. It’s the day grown up children try their best convincing their Mom to go out and have lunch or dinner with them. It’s also the day our Moms play “pakipot” or hard to get. They reply with, “Gastos lang yon,” “Kayo na lang, mainit,” “Hindi pa ako naliligo,” “Wala akong maisusuot,” [“Just a waste of money,” “It’s too hot, you all go ahead,” “I haven’t taken a bath yet,” I don’t have anything to wear,”] and so forth and so on. But I assure you, she enjoys the attention, the push. She may take some time dressing up and may need help on putting on her blouse so try to make it all worthwhile. She  will always ask if her powder on her wrinkled face is alright, if her lipstick is not too flashy. And her shoes, always compliment her shoes. Girls like that, your mother included (that’s what I learned from the movie “The American President”).

And when you walk with her at the mall looking for a great place to have dinner always keep in mind that Mom’s not young anymore. She walks much slower than she used to. Guide her, hold onto her arms, make her smile,make her laugh. Tell dirty jokes. Shes’s way past pristine and proper. Enjoy the day. Keep attention to how she eats. She may have difficulty handling her spoon or fork so make a fuss how it was on her wedding day when Dad served her cake and wine. Pamper her. And when she wants something, whatever that is, never argue. Just get it for her. Sadly, I didn’t and have regretted it ever since.

Johnenmarsha.jpgMy Mom passed away at the tender age of 50 from menopausal complications. She was a fan of Dolphy on John and Marsha, a comedy sitcom in the early 70s. She would never miss a show every week and always looked forward to it. Television was still black and white but color was starting and she had asked me once if a color TV was expensive. I think I had said not too much. She then said, “Maganda siguro ang color TV [I think a color TV would be nice]” She never brought that up again. I had said to myself I’ll get her one … soon. Unfortunately, she passed away a few months after without that TV and all I could say to myself then was how stupid I was. A mere TV was all she asked for, nothing more.  I could have bought that color TV the next day and witnessed the happiest smile no money could ever buy. But I didn’t. Don’t ever make that same mistake. That’s simply  being an idiot in the superlative.  I’ve been living that regret to this very day. It haunts me every Mothers Day. Each time I pass all those flat screen LEDs on display, I would say to myself, “Mom would have loved that.”

Each of us wish that when the time comes, our Mom would leave with a smile on her face knowing that she had lived a fruitful life and had done her best in caring for us. How many times had we hurt her feelings when she was late in fetching us from school not knowing that she had to do some marketing for our lunchbox the next day. Or the times when we had criticized her on what she wore to school because our classmates had stared at her. Or the times we put a frown when Mom would not get us that fancy bracelet or shoes because she could not afford it. No, these are the things she puts up with and keeps to herself. She would never tell Dad because she knows Dad does not take such things lightly.  She loves her children. She gave birth to them after carrying them in her womb for nine months. We owe our lives to her.

And to you his Majesty, the King; that is why I do not accept any explanation from you nor from anyone for the expulsion of your own Mom, much so your sickening, “Patayin nila muna ako bago kayo pinsalain! [Kill me first before they harm you].”  How can anyone even attempt to harm you with all your security, K-9 dogs, metal detectors positioned wherever you go and to think your first suspects are the brethren attending the worship service you are officiating! I thought they were the ones you promised to protect! Probably you watch too many gangster and mafia movies. There is a scene in the Godfather series that Michael waited for their mother to pass away before having his own brother killed.

Image result for arrogant king imagesBy the way, who did the “killing” first, you or your Mom? Wasn’t it you when you signed that expulsion circular when all she ever wanted was to talk to you. Why is this interpreted as going against your kingdom? Isn’t your wife a Mom to your kids? Has she no right to question you when she thinks her son is going astray? Or maybe it is the other way around? Are you the Queen in the family?

That is what happens when you put a King with nothing between the ears to lead a kingdom. How do you define a King who doesn’t have the guts to embrace or even talk to his own mother, brothers, or sisters? Who doesn’t have the balls to care for his own flesh and blood? Leaving the fate of his own mother in the care of so-called non-believers? Sheesh, even your very own son who will inherit your kingdom – devil permit – shares the same name of your little brother languishing in jail. What do you call that? Is the “poot sa puso [grudge in the heart]” so deep that even God Himself can’t pull it out?

Most important person.” Now I ask you your Majesty, if compared to the Sugo [Messenger], who is more important, you or him? If so, why has the Sugo never been mentioned even once as the “Most important person” in all the homilies during his time? Can’t your blob of a brain see it through? It’s simply boot-licking in the barest of definitions. Wake up, your Highness, you’ve been asleep too long. Sleeping Beauty didn’t sleep that long. Or are you waiting for a handsome Prince to kiss and wake you up?. If that’s the case, you’ll be sleeping for a very long time. No Prince in his right mind would kiss you. Maybe a frog would.

In the end, as is with all stories, all history, everything settles down in its own place. Fate has a funny way of doing things his way. That’s why there are the poorest of poor who are now considered the riches of the rich. Heard of our very own PacmanKamao ng Bayan [Pacman, Country’s Fist]? No one has dared accuse him of corruption for his riches. What with all those scars and bruises covering his battle ridden body. How about Henry Sy who started as a sidewalk vendor together with his wife but now considered one of the most powerful and richest icons in the country. Or even our very own Brother Felix Manalo who had to “mortgage” a penny so that he and his wife could cross the Pasig river. Who could have imagined that this same man would  be the center of  the country’s elite in the years to come.

But never forget, Kings do fall. The rich can become poor. The greatest is never permanent. And when everything else falls, when friends are no longer, only one thing will remain and that is family, and Mom is family. She will understand, she will forgive. The world may not, but she will because you have always been her son. And for her that is all that matters. God created her that way. That very special way.

And as for myself, despite my many shortcomings Ma, I still love you very, very much and wish you were still here with me watching a re-run of John and Marsha on Flat LED Samsung color TV. Love you Ma… Happy Mothers Day.

Related imageAnd to our “Pinakamamahal naming Ina na si Kapatid na Tenny [Our most loving mother, Ka Tenny]” WE all love you and a Happy, Happy Mothers Day! HUGS AND KISSES GALORE!!!!!!

Don’t worry Ka Tenny, the ending will be a happy one. For us and for you too 🙂