wwhere there’s smoke, there’s fire…

[Credits to Sher Lock]

And, who do you think owns these karag-karag [junk] cars?



There’s another kubo-kubo [shack] in a posh subdivision named under a favorite contractor of ours and a soon to open hotel in Baguio –


Now, I can hear our friends shouting RUMORS! RUMORS! ALL RUMORS! Ok then, let’s leave it at that. But I dare you my dearest King and your Knights of the crooked table, deny this!  While you and your kind enjoy the comfort of Europe and the jacuzzis massaging your inner thighs, take a look at how our new converts are being baptized in Hongkong –

Hindi na lang winisikan o  binomba na lang ng hose. Hongkong pa! Ang daming maayos na pool na maaring rentahan jan. [They should have just sprinkled water or better gushed them down with garden hose. And to think this is Hongkong! There are plenty of proper places which could be rented out.] Haven’t they heard of Inspiration Lake or the Harbor Plaza resort right in smack of Hongkong?

Ay naku, time for a bite of bagnet and sinigang na bangus [deep fried pork and milk fish soup]! Anyone out there willing to accompany me? My treat. Daniel, Mario, Biblikosama kayo [want to come]? Better, bring the whole gang!