mmy niece who functions as a secretary in the Church came back from a meeting (that’s one thing the church never seems to have enough of – pulong or meetings). She asked her mother if we could donate three pieces of itlog na maalat or salted eggs.  I asked what for?  It seems the locale will be holding a “Welcome Kapatid Ko [Welcome My brethren]” for all new converts and will be offering salted eggs and the everlasting pancit bihon [stir-fried native noodles] with tetra packs of Zesto [brand] juice for their refreshment. Compliments of the officers of the locale. No church funds here. Purely pocket funds. That’s the local version of  “Welcome Kapatid Ko” here in the Philippines.

Right this very moment in Barcelona, Spain, there is a very different version of “Welcome, Kapatid ko EVM and Guests” and the menu they are offering is definitely not Salted Eggs or Pancit Bihon. Zesto? Come on, what do you think our royalty are? Poor? No they’ll be choosing from the finest Apple Trifle with Mascarpone Cream, Tender Beef Rolls served in Red Wine, Beef Sashimi with Foi Gras, and probably Beef Tenderloin in Merlot.

And do you know where they will be celebrating their “Welcome Kapatid Ko’? Inside an exclusive Barcelo Sants Hotel with an open buffet. Oh, it is said they will be holding daily catering services at the locale too for the VIPs and their family.

And who is funding all this? Pocket funds? Personal funds for the needs of the Church? Heck NO!!!!  CHURCH FUNDS or in short GOD’S MONEY is being used for personal extravagance in the guise of spreading the words of God throughout the globe! Masama ba magmura [is it wrong to curse]? Masama ba ang salitang P****Ina Nyo?! [Is it wrong to say You Mother F****er!? It’s wrong you say? So I  won’t say it then 🙂