Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home

It was quite early when I woke up this morning. 4:15 on my phone which served as my personal wall clock. Ms. Goofy was still fast asleep and snoring as usual in her corner with outstretched limbs and tummy exposed. She didn’t notice me checking up on her. In fact she’s the only dog I’ve known who manages to sleep out anything or anyone. I mean, when she’s asleep, she’s dead asleep. You can come into the room, make noises, open the door and she’ll remain asleep until she decides for herself to wake up. But once she’s up, she’s there by my side, my ever loyal K-9 watchdog and personal secretary 🙂  Katy on the other hand is alert and senses everything out of the norm, like my waking up today. She stared at me as I walked out of the room and to the porch. She immediately followed me and greeted me with a soft “meow“. Her two kits now fully grown suddenly appeared when they noticed the light coming on. Goofy was now beside me as Katy and her “children” jumped onto my lap as I sat down waiting for dawn to break.

PImage result for cats and dogs soulful eyes imagesets are a sensitive lot. They know when you are happy and likewise when you are sad. They must have noticed my pensive mood. They tried to comfort me the best way they could, cuddling up, Goofy staring at me with those soulful eyes like assuring, “Everything will be alright boss.”

My thoughts were on a young friend minister of mine and his family. My friend had decided to resign from his office a year ago because he could not take anymore the tradition of giving financial gifts to visiting VIP ministers by the receiving locales. But of course, he did not cite this as his reason for leaving. His movements must have been monitored by the Administration as he and his family were constantly visited by the District Minister and even from the Central Office. I had thought that all was well until yesterday when I learned that he, his family, including the wife’s parents and family were scheduled for expulsion today Wednesday. I asked the family, if the expulsion pushed through. Apparently it had but only read in their district.

They are considered “family”, their attachment reaching way back to the early days of the Church, the Sugo, Ka Erdy, and even EVM in his younger days. The INC used to be home for many of us. Now, it is merely a house. A whorehouse I think would be more appropriate what with all the scandals, oppression, corruption, deceit, and what have you branded now on a church which used to be respected and held in high esteem in the not so distant past. We all wish to return to our home, our family.  Where we all lived in harmony and love.

Chapter 2: The Never Ending Templo Scaffolding

20170406_153150Those scaffolding you see on the Templo were put up before the inauguration of the new BEM building in Central Avenue. It has been there for almost a year now. Once in a while you see some workers climbing up. In fact, this writer was exorbitantly pleased when he saw workers on the roof. So the painting would finally start or so he thought. Sometimes it’s much easier to become god than to wish that the Templo would be repainted. The bible says, “And the word was made flesh” and then there was Christ (or god to many). Scaffolding on the other hand were ordered put up but unfortunately the painting never made it to the flesh.

Chapter 3: What is Happening to the locale of Araneta?

When you’re caught in a four hour traffic along Araneta Avenue and you end up beside the Araneta chapel, you can’t help but notice the demolition of the front and side portion of the compound.

The concrete wall or fence is being torn down and there seems to be an excavation inside the compound dividing it.  Wonder what seems to be the problem?

The following clarification was received from Lea Go on April 27, 2017:

“Because of the Skyway construction, the electric post and wiring inside the Lokal Ng Araneta compound needs to be transferred underground. That’s the reason for the destruction este construction. The lot where the post is located inside the compound is not owned by the INC. They just have an agreement with Meralco/NGCP that they can use that part of the lot for as long as they do not build anything on it. Originally, the size of the INC lot is irregular in shape.”

Image result for ice cube imagesOh by the way, the great EVM and company will be in Barcelona, Spain by the end of this month.  Their weather is a very comfortable 13 degrees Centigrate.  In Manila, it is much better and cooler at 30 to 33 degrees Centigrate. That is as long as you have an  ice cube stuck into your butt.

P.S. The Debate didn’t prove anything. Only two guys trying to prove one was smarter than the other with “theos, theos” only they understood. Missing are the days when the audience knew what the debaters were actually talking about.  Or maybe I should have listened more intently. To me, Fast and Furious 8 took the cake hands down. But seriously, it would have been more interesting if the great Joe Ventilacion had not backed out of that debate with Brother Dizon and Cayabyab on the anomalies of the Administration. That would have been one interesting discussion!