tthe year if I’m not mistaken was sometime in 2010 or 2011 when I was in the prayer room together with Officiating Minister Lazaro who headed the Legal Division at the time. There was also the Sugo 2 (officiating minister’s second, usually a student worker) a student who refused to lift his head from his codigo (personal guide). Ka Lazaro and I were having some light talks when all of a sudden Jun Santos entered the room. We were all caught off guard not expecting him. After some greetings, he advised Ka Lazaro that he start the sermon and he Jun Santos would do the last part. Both of them scrutinized their Preacher’s Guides.  Suddenly, he looked up at me and asked, “Huling awit na ba? (Is that the last hymn [of the choir]?)” meaning the point where the officiating minister would enter the tribuna (chancel).  I politely replied, “May isa pa po. (One hymn left)” “O sige, manalangin na tayo. (alright, let’s pray)” We all stood up and offered our prayers led by Ka Lazaro.

While waiting for the last hymn to close, Ka Jun noticed three frames on the wall of the Prayer Room – portraits of Ka Felix, Ka Erdy, and EVM. When the last hymn was about to conclude he looked at the pictures and jokingly uttered, “Malapit na maging trinidad, yan. (They’ll soon be called the Trinity)” We all smiled not knowing there was some truth to Ka Jun’s jest. (By the way, the whole lesson was taught by Jun Santos alone. No participation by Ka Lazaro or the Sugo 2)

Fast forward 2017. One of our avid readers sent me this picture from one  of the locales in Gen. San.  But first let me cite the following –


Praise God, our Father up above;
Proclaim the love of His beloved Son;
Receive the Holy Spirit’s gift;
Forever worship our Almighty God.


May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with us all. Amen.”

And now the grand streamer in one of the locales in Gen San. Which of the three – God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit was removed and replaced with a different “spirit“? First correct answer gets a trip to Cayman Islands and meet the new “spirit” in the flesh! All expense paid trip shouldered by Ka Daniel and Ka Mario!

Huli ka! Lokal ng Mabuhay, Mabuhay Road, Gen. San, Mindanao. Malas mo kapatid na destinado, blunder ka, panibagong sakit ng ulo. Nagbukod tangi ka pa kasi, sumobra naman. 😀 (Here’s the google maps file) Sana iniwan mo na lang ang dati. Aalisin mo ba naman ang espiritu santo, ano maiiwan, espiritu demonyo? Tanong lang  🙂

(Got you! Mabuhay locale, Mabuhay Road, Gen. San, Mindanao. Blunder there dear resident minister, another headache for you. That’s what you get for trying to be original. Problem is you pushed too far. You should have left the original signage. Removing the holy spirit, what then is left, a demon spirit? Just asking 🙂 )