aand so it appears God Almighty does not approve what is going on in this world of ours. We’ve been hit again by an intensity 5.9 in Batangas just this afternoon felt throughout Metro Manila.  Last April 6, it was 5.6 in Tanna, Vanuatu; April 5, 6.1, Sefid Sang, Iran; April 5,  5.5, Unalaska, AK, USA; April 4, 5.1, Zaysan, Kazakhstan; April 4, 5.6, Argentina; April 4, 5.1, Batangas; April 3, 5.2, Potchefstroom, South Africa; and April 3, 4.7, Hato Mayor del Rey, Domincan Republic. Well, actually there were many more. In a single day April 4, 39 earthquakes were felt throughout the world.   [Reference]


I guess we can’t blame Him for being upset. His advice was simple. Love your neighbor as you would love yourself. But we became selfish. We claimed exclusivity on salvation and God. Not only us but every other group out there. This resulted on feelings getting hurt, and when feelings get hurt people tend to become hostile. The outcome has not been so pleasant. Watch the news especially the middle east where Christianity originated.

middle_east98“Three major religious groups, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, originated in the Middle East. Smaller minority religions, such as the Bahá’í Faith, Druze, Yazidism, Mandaeism, Gnosticism, Yarsanism, Samaritanism, Shabakism, Ishikism, Ali-Illahism, and Zoroastrianism, are also present in the Middle East. Islam is the prevalent religion in most of the region. [Reference]”

So where love should have started, hate began and unfortunately flourished. What do we have now? Mistrust, powerplay, envy, war … and earthquakes.

The latter most probably due to the former.