s1o the word is officially out. “Ipanalanging po natin ang ating Pamamahala na sa kasalukuyang ay nasa matinding pagsubok”.  Said during the prayer of the officiating minister in last week’s closing prayer. This “rumor” had been going around for the past few days but nothing official until now.

So now we ask,“What is your problem dear EVM?”  That you have to ask the membership and Officers/Maytungkulin to pray in your time of trials.  But again really, what is your problem? You seek for help but refuse to define what you seek. A doctor would ask, “Where does it hurt?” A dentist would say, “Which teeth?” You don’t go to a mechanic, leave the car and just declare, “Fix the car.” No, you will have to explain where it hurts, which teeth, or why the car’s brakes falter.” But no, you are the Executive Minister and under no obligation to explain to your underlings.

Well, I see it in another perspective. A kid who fakes a fever so that he could forego school or a cry baby bawling out his lungs for a piece of candy which his mother refuses to give.

fam prayerCome to think of it, are you the only member enduring hardship in this life? Kami nga mula ng nag-Iglesia puro hirap at pagsubok. at kami-kami lang ang nakaluhod at nagmamakaawa sa Diyos na tulungan kami sa panahon ng aming kalumbayan. Ikaw, ngayong lang tapos idadamay mo pa kami. Ayaw mo pang sabihin kung ano problema nyo.

It doesn’t take an Einstein or even Henry Sy to guess what your problem is. You fear the direction of your organization (not church) and where it is going. Why shouldn’t you? Being rich and pretending to be one are completely different. You are not rich  because you do not own anything. The Church does. If you had managed to transfer church funds to your personal account, this legally is still not yours. It does not excuse you nor your family from liability. Read the papers, do some homework.  The Church can still go after you. It may take time but so what, time is plenty where we come from. And oh, oh, the death penalty.  Double whammy?! Executed here and executed Judgment Day.  And do you really think all your “One with EVM” ministers will stick by your side come D-Day? They’ll stick to whichever side puts food on their table. And when you’re gone we’ll put so much food on their tables, fatten them up until we hear their new slogan “United with ****!”  Then they’ll reveal their true colors and try to kneel once more before the new King to kiss his hand but obesity causes problems and kneeling is one of them. The only time they’ll kneel before the new king  is before a guillotine (I think that is a better alternative to hanging for crimes against the Church).

6gkw5Any organization or company that wants to grow financially or popular needs the support of the public. Check out Jollibee, McDonald’s, Max’s, SM, Robinsons,  and so forth. They depend on the public’s support for their success. And do you think it was an overnight success? Wrong. Read their stories, their failures, and successes. Learn from it. Every organization or company derives its success or should we say failure from its capacity to foresee the public’s tastes. Marketing makes or breaks it. That’s why these companies bring bright young independent minded individuals into their companies. They put these individuals into one room, give them a problem to solve, and they break loose “cutting each other’s throats”. And after the “Thrilla in Manila” the Chairman sits at the head table and listens to them. That is what we call a Think Tank.  No ass-licking, crab mentality, jeolous misfits. Plain confrontation of the minds. Getting the best solution to the problem. A group effort with a Chairman that listens and consults. Oh I forgot dear EVM, you do not have a Think Tank do you? Only a group of robots who says yes to every thing you ask or demand for.

So, how do you a one man thinking dynamo fare? Here’s a list.

  1. Ciudad de Victoria. Nowhere near  to becoming a “city” with the clogged toilets of the Arena, unfinished Sports Center, invisible malls, hospitals, schools, etc. etc.;
  2. Mismanaged Aid to Humanity causing deaths and injuries;
  3. Expelling family members and filing criminal cases against them. You can explain this easily through bible passages inside the church. But the question is, how will it fare outside the church? Will people understand expelling your own mother, defile her in social media, include your own brothers, sister, nephews and nieces too. Positive or negative publicity?;
  4. Ministers and family owning high-end cars, houses, airplanes, helicopters, hotels, restaurants;
  5. Huge ballooning bank loans;
  6. Church properties sold or mortgaged;
  7. Too frequent church offerings;
  8. Expulsions. Other churches use this as a last resort but ironically we use it as a first. Easier to avoid complications.
  9. Bullyiing, harassment, etc. Denial is not the solution here;
  10. And the most recent as mentioned by AE of unannounced inspections to be conducted on ministers homes regarding emails, gadgets used, and social media participation. Violation of privacy isn’t it?

I hear you. You say I am wrong. “Just watch the thousands of visitors and brethren attending our Evangelical Missions,” you say. “Haven’t you seen the pictures and video coverage on social media? Can we be wrong?” I will not argue you on that point but will post a challenge to the leadership. Put up an evangelical mission without any dole outs from the administration, officers/maytungkulin, or participating members to the visitors. No one shoulders anything but simply brings the visitors to the mission. Let’s see if you can fill the Arena.

5-6-CARTOONPoliticians bowing at your feet? We both know it’s only because of the bloc voting doctrine that makes you attracted to them. Take that away and where will you be? Where will your organization be? For all those who think that bloc-voting is doctrine, you are wrong. The doctrine is oneness in judgement. So if the leader decides that we all not vote, we do not vote. That is the doctrine, not the voting per se. To be in accordance with the leader in his decision for the good of the church.  This actually was practised during the Marcos era when Ka Erdy issued a circular not to vote for Marcos and merely submit a blank ballot.

Oh, almost forgot.  “Ano pala problema niyo mahal na Kapatid at maipagpanata namin kayo?”


Easter is just around the corner. Have a look-see of our new chapel former funeral home now a chapel to the locales of Gilbert and Tempe, Arizona. [credits to William Cannon]

And two not so modest houses of our ministers. [credits to Sher Lock]

A soon to be hotel in Baguio City.


And the luxurious Victoria Tower near GMA7 developed by partners and wedding kumpares New San Jose Builders Acuzar and INC’s Jun Santos, formerly the property of the Church.


Sarap daw maging ministro ngayon. Siguro nga. Just as long as your priorities are anything but about serving God. Then you have made the right choice.