ii couldn’t help but ponder over the “Call for Action” by AE and a follow-up by yours truly “…the Achilles Heel”. The effect has been unexpectedly remarkable. Many were jarred to their senses. In fact, even in the recent worship service, the officiating minister had probably noticed and mentioned, “Itong mga ilan lumalaban sa atin, sinasabing huwag na daw magaabuloy o maghahandog. Nakakalimutan na ata ang pag-aabuloy at paghahandog ay utos ng Diyos sa atin at yon ay sa kaniya!” Well …when did we ever mention that we should not give offerings to God. What we actually said was that money is the Wicked King’s strength and Achilles Heel and if we want to cripple the King, we should aim for his Heel. Cut the blood flow, choke the veins and exterminate him.

And where does the Wicked King get his money? Where else but from the Church Offerings. In short, he steals it. When you get something that isn’t yours it’s called stealing plain and simple. But the King is more than that, he’s a con-man. Or if you prefer, a con artist, crook, hustler, swindler, cheater, fraud, scammer. Oh, there are many more descriptions classified into one of several universal meaning –

“Someone who uses dishonest or illegal methods to trick people into giving them money.”

“A man who cheats or tricks someone by gaining their trust and persuading them to believe something that is not true.”

“One who gains the trust, or “confidence”, of his victims (often called marks) in order to manipulate, steal from, or otherwise predate upon them.”

No cross reference needed, just look it up in any dictionary.

Now, back to the question, “Are we giving offerings to God?” Or are we taught to believe that we are offering our cash to God. Remember, God, per se does not need anything. He has everything, He is the Creator of all things, He is infinite. He is immortal. Who are we to even think that He needs cash, money that is used to define ironically all that is evil in this world. Then why do we offer cash as offerings?  For convenience. Because it is the medium of trade. Easier to put up chapels, maintain God’s work, and care for the material and spiritual needs of His children. Or so we thought.

Image result for victoria's secrets imagesCiudad de Victoria? Bull, nothing is victorious there. Victoria Court and Victoria’s Secret make more money than the Stadium and Arena combined. They are more famous too. Where is the hotel, the malls, the hospital, schools, etc. our King and his Knights boasted about some seven years ago? All we see are the Arena and the Stadium, closed most of the time except for occasions when “grand” bible expositions are held like this coming April. Reason for holding again the Tanging Handugan for the affair. When in all practicality the exposition would better serve its purpose if held at the local chapels. Why the grandstanding?  Creating chaos is more like it. Traffic jams, inconvenience not only to the public but the participating brethren as well. Not to mention quotas of locales on attendees to the affair and the Locale Officers’ obligation to tend to the needs of the participants such as food, water, etc. Everything in the name of God and Christ? No, everything to make the King smile!

Learn to be inquisitive my friend, ask the immortal question WHY? Is there a need to pay huge outstanding loans with the banks for the construction of shall we say, Ciudad de Victoria? The loans for the Church properties? Why the dozens of “INC” Foundations all mostly similar in purpose with only one surname appearing above the rest – “Santos”. Santos the father, Santos the son, Santos the wife. An Auditor who oversees the church finances and not the Treasurer. Where all church communication regarding finances are addressed to him and not the Treasurer. Now we know where Santa Claus  got his cue – Santos Claus. Fit to a T.

Image result for angel manalo imagesAnd you our most omnipotent King say we are sowing division within your kingdom. What division are you talking about Sire? You are causing this division. The very day you and Santos Claus dipped your dirty fingers into God’s treasures and all of the supposed God’s ministers looked the other way. The day you refused to heed the call of your mother and siblings to look into these anomalies. You caused this turmoil, you caused this uproar. And it will be your subsequent downfall.

Container vans lined up at Tandang Sora. Why, is it because that is the only area you do not directly control and of course its just across your mansion or should we call your castle? Afraid of a sudden attack on the vulnerable side of your kingdom? Don’t be, we’re not that naive or paranoid. But don’t comfort yourself with the notion that  we do not wish to storm your castle and take what is rightfully ours. Oh we definitely do, our chests are bursting just thinking about it.  And why the need of K-9s, metal detectors, human sniff dogs, etc. etc. when you visit our locales?  Where’s the trust Sire?

By the way, one of your ministers assigned to officiate the Holy Supper prayed so intently,

“Ama, ingatan po nyo ang pinakamamahal naming kapatid, ang kapatid na Eduardo V. Manalo [wonder why they have to include the full name with the middle initial to boot]. Maraming nagbabalak na pinsalain siya, ngunit huwag mong payagan, kami na lang patayin huwag na sila!!!! [ Do you think I said ‘Amen’ to that?  No way. Ikaw na lang, idadamay mo pa kami. Come to think of it, I never respond to anything these misfits of a minister declare.]

But seriously, how can you take this guy seriously when he can’t even stand up to his God given oath of office? And now he has the nerve to shout to the heavens that he take the place inside EVM’s coffin. Better both of them share that coffin.

Image result for eduardo manalo imagesWe still sleep comfortably at night with only our dog to keep us safe. How about you Sire? Do you trust the man behind your door?  The food you eat? The person who shakes your hand, who hugs you? Have you taken your pills lately? The weather is quite hot and humid – heart attacks and strokes are quite common these days. But never mind as long as your “trusted” kingdom shouts –


But, careful careful, that smiley face may not last as long as you think . [This one will though 🙂 ]