Central Complex 04

bbago kayo pinsalain, patayin nila muna ako!”, the cry of the homegrown church Leader of a Philippine sect disguised as the Church of Christ or the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

It is now news all over the failed Lingap sa Africa where scores will killed and injured during a stampede of food dole-outs held at the Zambian capital of Lusaka. The Zambian government stated that –

“Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili said in an interview that the church failed to submit operating documents even after being asked to do so on Thursday last week. She said the church will remain suspended until investigations are concluded by relevant authorities.” [https://www.daily-mco.zm/?p=96152]

In short the Iglesia ni Cristo is under fire for disregarding procedure leading to the death and injuries of the local participants in the Lingap. The credibility and the prestige of the Church is now under question and scrutiny.


Brother EVM, being the so called leader of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, will you now put your money where your mouth is?  Kaya mo bang lumantad sa Zambian authorities and explain to them your worth, protect the Church from further harm? Kaya mo bang patunayan na sinabi mong patayin ka muna bago kami pinsalain o bahag buntot kang sisiksik sa asawa mong may bayag? Huwag kang magagalit at ako ay kaanib pa rin hanggang ngayon at isa sa libo-libong mga tupa na pinangako mo sa Diyos na iingatan at lilingapin.

Like I said, the Church is under fire, prove your worth. Defend it even if it would cost your stature, your freedom, and your life. For after all, you are the chosen one aren’t you … or are you?

Balls or flowers?