wwhy so Serious? Happy Valentine’s Day dear Sara Gomez, this one’s for you 🙂

Can’t you feel it? Love is in the air. Today is the day when hotels are fully booked and chilly mornings have made it more lovey-dovey. The day when red is the color of the day. When roses make a killing at Dangwa second only to Undas.  But when Valentine’s falls on a Sunday,  senior PDs like me just take a deep breath and greet our contemporaries with a “Happy Valentine’s Day” but inside missing the good old days when we wished for smaller umbrellas so we could cuddle more closer to our ever dearest during a windy and cold rain. That was a very, very long time ago but memories that still linger so fresh and clear as the crisp morning day.

Image result for valentines imagesWhen your PD suguan shows you are assigned to the unang oras ng pagsamba which is 5:45 in the morning, that means you have to wake up at least 3:00 to prepare your things such as the americana and breakfast not only for yourself but the officiating minister and company as well. Come to think of it, I’d been doing this for more than a decade now. Well, that morning I put all my things in my car and doubled-checked if I missed anything. Kissed my sleeping wife, “Happy Valentine’s Mahal,” She would groggily murmur back “.hmmm..Valentine’s too mahal …” and fall back to sleep.

I softly closed the door and  proceeded to the chapel – a few blocks away. I arrived around 4:00 and went up to the Treasury Office to get the suguan ng mga diakono’t diakonesa, counted the supot according to the signatories in the suguan. It had to be exact because every supot is reflected in the official receipt of the collections for that particular pagsamba. When everything was done with the greetings of Happy Valentines with our diakonesas, I walked to the prayer room and opened the door.

“Gandang umaga po,” I greeted as I walked into the room and saw there our pastor Ka Gene. Across him was laying on the couch a senior minister I presumed. I sat beside Ka Gene and inquisitively looked at the officiating minister.

“Masama po pakiramdam ni Ka Racing, kanina pa po nirereklamo ang sakit ng ulo niya,” explained Ka Gene.

At this juncture, Ka Racing woke up ang straightened himself up. “Pasensya na po kayo kapatid,” he uttered as he noticed me there, “mejo masama po ang lagay ko.” He added, “Gene, kung sakali lang hindi ko kakayanin, ikaw ang magtapos ng texto.”

“Opo sir, pero sa tingin ko kaya niyo po, hindi kayo pababayaan ng Diyos, Malakas po kayo doon.” consoled Ka Gene.

“Yon ang gusto ko sa iyo Gene, magaling kang kumambyu. Pero meron ka bang gamot jan na pwede kong inumin bago tayo umakyat sa tribuna, kumikirot eh?”

sparklingasianpearandminticedtea-b-1“Meron sir. Saglit lang po, patitimpla ko sa missis ko.” and he left the room for awhile. After a few minutes, Ka Gene was back with a glass of concoction he called special Iced Tea.

“Hindi ba masama yan, malamig pa?” he asked.

“Hindi po, kelangan po malamig para tumalab. Special po yan para sa sakit ng ulo. Makakatulong po sa inyo yan. Natitiyak ko po, hindi pa pumalya yan sa lahat ng nangasiwa dito.” answered Ka Gene.

“Ganoon ba ..?” then he gulped the concoction in one try and shaked his head. “Matapang ah!” then we all proceeded to the tribuna.  When it was sermon time, Ka Racing swiftly proceeded to the pulpit and started his sermon. He taught with renewed drive and vigor. I was caught surprised with the turn of events. A few minutes back slouched on the couch but now like a recharged Ironman doing his thing with gusto. Wow, it was really amazing. I leaned towards Ka Gene who was seated beside me and asked, “Galing pinainom mo ah, gumaling agad, ano ba tinimpla mo?” “Special Iced Tea” he answered with a mischievous grin.

After the pagsamba, Ka Racing a new man now approached us and tapped Ka Gene on the shoulder and said, “Ituro mo sa akin ang timpla ng Iced Tea mo, number one talaga!” then walked towards the Treasury office to supervise the counting of the offerings. Ka Gene and I followed but before we entered the room, I pulled Ka Gene to the side and asked him, “Ok Iced Tea mo, ano imported ba yon o herbal?”

Ka Gene laughed and explained quietly, “Ice Tea lang yan, walang herbal -herbal. Baligtad lang.”

“Anong baligtad?”

“Baligtad. Iced Tea. T-Ice. Tanduay Ice!”

“Tarantado ka talaga!,” as I wrapped my arms in a headlock and entered the room. All eyes were on us as I unloosened my hold and both of us straightened up. “Pormal, pormal, nasa loob na tayo,” we quipped to ourselves.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  [Taking it in stride as they say  😀 ]