oon February 18 and 19, 2017, we will be holding a worldwide Tanging Handugan for the needy people of Africa. This was so clearly depicted in the worship lesson for today citing biblical passages of love for fellowmen second to loving God above all.

There is nothing really wrong of helping those in need. In fact everyone of us has extended a helping hand one way or another. It is human nature to catch someone who has tripped about to fall, assist an elderly crossing the street, or simply lifting up a trembling kitten from the street and bringing her to safety far from the speeding traffic.

Offering money in exchange for aid to humanity is good but…

There is a big But here. And that But is simply – Priorities. Family first, don’t you think? Not in the literal sense, then it would all be about 36 Tandang Sora where food delivery (from concerned parties and not the church) is limited and scheduled, where the affected are immediate families of the senior church Executive EVM.  We are talking about the Church in general this time.

We ask the Maytungkulin of each locale. Are our chapels in want of a repainting or repairs? Are our funds enough to accommodate the basic  needs of a chapel such as cleaning materials and supplies? Are you honestly satisfied with the accommodations provided when you enter the chapel toilet? Is the flush working? Are locks on the doors still there? At the Kalihiman, do you have ample typewriting paper, pen, pencils to work on, or do you have to provide for yourselves?

Image result for iglesia ni cristo poor imagesBut more on a serious note. Have our ministers visited the brethren lately? Have you seen for yourselves how many are still living beside stinking esteros, collect garbage and waste for a living to support their families with proud green-white-red painted in their carts? And who could forget the recent Eat Bulaga fiasco where a family of brethren requested for shoes and clothing to attend worship service. Without a second thought they were given everything they wished for and more. Now, have you tried going to Central Office when one of your kind is seriously sick and you have no where left to go to? Try  it and you’ll see why our sick approaches the PCSO (Philippine Charity Sweepstakes) when they are in dire need of hospital assistance. Ironic don’t you think, that we discourage sweepstakes and call it a sin and in the same breath we ask help from the mother of this sin. How many thousands of INC families need the help we are extending outside the fold.

Maybe it is high time we practice priorities. Family first. Mga kapatid muna. Sa espiritu at sa laman.

By the way, I’m sure all of you are aware that people from Africa are not all Tarzans in loincloth or naked children carrying branches and pots on their heads. This is Africa today with a complexity of behavior, culture, and interests.


In reiterating, Bakit hindi natin tulungan at lingapin ang mga kapatid natin sa Iglesia at maging kapatid sa laman bago ang nasa labas ng Iglesia?