We were all caught by surprise about this news, and we are sure everyone especially those overseas have been asking how things are here in Manila. Well, everything is quiet that’s for sure. An easy drive along Central Avenue and Tandang Sora  would confirm this. In fact too quiet for comfort if I may say so. The EVM Convention Center is that huge blue building you see on the right side after passing New Era University , CEM, and newly opened Petron (I wonder who owns this establishment ) if you’re coming from Central Office going towards Visayas Avenue. You can’t miss it. Two huge cranes are on top of the constructiion site’s building. The area is completely fenced off. No operations nor movement so far.

Same’s true for 36 Tandang Sora. No police checkpoint in front of Ka Lottie’s place. The area is completely sealed off. We wonder how food reaches the family these days. The video was taken yesterday from our dashcam.

[NOTE: Change the quality of the video for a clearer image or slow it down if you prefer (‘speedometer’ beside ‘HD’]

ssocial media has been abuzz with the reported death of 30 INC Construction workers when an I-Beam collapsed during the construction of the EVM Convention Center. Complete media blackout followed the incident which is said to have occurred around 11:00 AM and  the fatalities brought out of the compound  only on the next day at around 5:00 AM. This apparently is not an isolated incident since a similar mishap occurred on February, 2013 as reported by the Daily Inquirer –

Image result for evm convention center images“A laborer died in a construction site accident in Quezon City where a scaffolding collapsed and crashed down on a group of workers. The victim identified as PJ Bautista died on the spot, while co-worker Criscencio Villaran was rushed to Veterans Memorial Medical Center for injuries.

Superintendent Michael Macapagal, commander of the Quezon City Police District’s Talipapa station, said the accident took place around 10:30 a.m. at the EVM Convention Center work site on Central Avenue, Barangay (village) Culiat.” [http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/363307/another-faulty-scaffolding-kills-worker]

And just in case the Senate decides to look into the case, here are most of the administrative personnel assigned to the construction of the EVM Convention Center. I’m sure the INC Engineering Department  would be more than willing to accommodate our concerns starting from identifying  the administrative personnel in the pictures below.