Image result for complete idiots guide imagesImage result for alphabet there’s a popular series of instructional manuals titled Complete Idiot’s Guide to” followed by whatever field or subject you may be interested in but can’t seem to comprehend. It explains in very elementary language everything related to the subject until you react with a – “Oh, so that’s what it means.” Or if you prefer the other equally popular manual series For Dummies.

Now, wonder of wonders, why would you have to be a genius or shall I say even an idiot to be able to greet your mother a “Happy Birthday”? Is it that difficult? Pride getting in the way? No, it isn’t that is it? I’d like to think that it’s mere stupidity.

If we are to go by the books, today happens to be the birthday of the better half of Ka Erdy or Ka Tenny Manalo. But most of us in the Church know her birthday to be tomorrow February 2. Without any hesitation, or missing a heartbeat, we all greet her a Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday our dearest Ka Tenny! May God care and comfort your soul every waking hour of day and bring you hope each dusk of night. (And to the rest of the beholden ministers of EVM, I’d hate to be in your shoes when the tables are turned. Remember, we were not like this before. If your kind no longer believes that God exists or that He is just, there is a natural balance of order otherwise known as “Karma” – you reap what you sow.

tenny4Anyway, who is Ka Tenny Manalo aside from the fact that she was the wife of Ka Erdy for more than 40 years and mother to the current Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo (who incidentally signed her death warrant together with brothers Marc, Angel and sister Lottie some two years ago).

Cristina Villanueva Manalo (born February 1, 1937 in Manila, Philippines), popularly known as Ka Tenny Manalo, is the widow of former Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) Executive Minister, Eraño G. Manalo. She stood a loyal wife beside her husband who led the church for over 46 years, from the death of Felix Manalo in 1963 and until the latter’s death in 2009. Her eldest son, Eduardo V. Manalo who was at the time Deputy Executive Minister assumed the post seven days after his predecessor’s demise.

In the midst of the INC leadership controversy in 2015, Tenny was excommunicated (expelled). It was announced through circulars on regular worship services of July 23rd to 25th, signed by INC Secretary-General Radel G. Cortez with the approval of Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo. Lolita “Lottie” Manalo – Hemedez, Felix Nathaniel “Angel” Manalo and Marco Eraño Manalo were also expelled on the grounds of violating the doctrine on unity, INC’s 22nd principal doctrine.

Cristina Arámbulo Villanueva was born at 2:45 PM of February 1, 1937 at Philippine General Hospital in Ermita, Manila Philippines. She is the seventh child of Jacinto Mercado Villanueva (August 16, 1904 – December 25, 1970) of Pasay and Asunción Arámbulo y Alipon (August 15, 1895 – ?) of Santa Rosa, Laguna. Her parents were Aglipayans, members of the Philippine Independent Church. On January 17, 1955, at age of 17, she married the 30-year old Eraño “Erdy” Manalo who was almost two years on his term as the heir to succeed his father, being the Deputy Executive Minister elected by the INC Administrative Council.

She conceived six children named Eduardo, Lolita, Erlinda, Liberty, Felix Nathaniel II and Marco Eraño. Her eldest, Eduardo followed his father’s path as the leader of the church and was married to Babylyn Ventura. Lolita or “Lottie”, her second child, lived in private with husband Eduard Hemedez. Her third child Erlinda or “Eileen”, became a fellow wife of an evangelist when she married Romualdo Alcantara, the current Assistant Director of the New Era University College of Evangelical Ministry. Her fourth child Liberty or “Beth” followed the footsteps of aunt Pilar Manalo Danao, when she took Music major and graduated at University of the Philippines College of Music. Beth became part of the UP Singing Ambassadors[9] where she met her future husband Albert Albert, a relative to singer, Joey Albert. Her fifth and youngest child, sons Felix Nathaniel II or “Angel” and Marco Eraño or “Marc” on the other hand, became co-evangelical ministers of their elder brother.

Eraño established an ideal family, inspirational to church members on his 46 years of leadership. Tenny enjoyed her status as the so called “First Lady” for almost five decades. Unlike being a First Lady of the Head of State, the wife of the Executive Minister does not earn religious responsibilities for the church administration, instead her role is exclusive within her own family like what an ordinary wife and mother is, to her husband and children.

In July 2015, INC celebrated its 101st anniversary with a dispute between the INC Administrative Council and some members of the Manalo family including member critics and ministers, particularly Isaias Samson Jr. et al. A YouTube video was released few days before the nearing celebration, with Tenny and Angel Manalo pleading for help, claiming their lives were in danger. Tenny also mentioned her daughter Lottie’s security and begged prayers for the group of ten ministers presumed abducted and tortured. This information were earlier issued on the blog Iglesia Ni Cristo Silent No More under whistleblower, pseudonym Antonio Ramirez Ebangelista. A day after the release of the video, Tenny, Lottie, Angel and Marc were expelled from the church, announced through circulars on the mid-week worship services, on grounds of creating divisions in the church.

Tenny Manalo is portrayed on the 2015 epic and biographical film Felix Manalo by the Filipino multi-awarded actress Heart Evangelista.


Maligayang, Maligayang Kaarawan po, Ka Tenny. Mahal na mahal po naming kayo at patuloy na umaasa at dumadalangin sa Dios na makapangyarihan sa lahat na hindi kayo pababayaan sa panahon ng iyong kalungkutan, karamdaman, at hirap.

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updateEVM and wife Lyn, Jun Santos and wife Annie, Ninong at Ninang sa kasal ng Katoliko! (Philippine Star, June 30, 2014)

“Congratulations to low-key “rags-to-riches” realty billionaire Jose “Jerry” Acuzar of New San Jose Builders on his eldest child Jet Acuzar marrying Manila’s 5th district topnotcher, Councilor Ali Atienza, who’s the youngest son of Buhay Partylist Congressman Lito Atienza and wife Beng Ilagan Atienza. The wedding was held at the Acuzar family’s unique 400-hectare Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan province.

Among the godparents were House Speaker Sonny Belmonte, BDO boss Tessie Sy-Coson (whose brother, Hans Sy of SM, also attended), Acuzar’s brother-in-law, Executive Secretary Pacquito Ochoa Jr., Iglesia ni Cristo executive minister Eduardo Manalo and wife Lynn, INC general auditor Jun Santos and wife Annie, former Vice President Noli De Castro, entrepreneur Jack Lam and Julie Rose Defensor.”