ii‘m sure the title alone of this post has managed to grab your attention. It was intentional dear friends and I assure you it was not something I just made up. It was spoken by our Sugo Ka Felix Manalo in one of his homilies as you will find out for yourself in the video/audio clip below.

The clip originated from the Facebook Light of Salvation page. In my 50 years of membership in the Church I have yet to have come across this audio clip. Many of us have already heard a portion of Ka Felix’s teachings- a short but strong spiritual encouragement addressed to all  the members of the INC but this one is different.

The following homily runs almost an hour and he touches on several subjects from salvation inside the Church, the Catholic beliefs of the dead, the role of the ‘virgin Mary’,  faults inside the Church and how it should be addressed, the political struggle on separation of the Church and State where he takes a shot at one of the more popular presidents during his time. This is where you will hear the admission of the Sugo on the wrong he committed to which he repents, and asks God and countrymen for forgiveness. During the course of his sermon you will note that stress is always put on Biblia, Cristo, and Dios. Manalo is used only on insinuations of insult but never as a pivotal expression.

Felix Y. Manalo. Brother, Teacher, Adviser, Prophet.  Messenger of God.