tthe wall clock in our room says “5:45 am”. My wife is still asleep at my side snoring softly. I make some effort to stretch my legs and slowly get up from my side of the bed. She’s still asleep. “Good,”  I say to myself and quietly walk out of the room. Now if you think Ms. Goofy is awake and watching every move I’m making, you’re wrong. Ms. Goof’s there but sleeping like a baby with not a care in the world. I try to catch her attention but no, she’d rather go on sleeping with her belly exposed inside that tiny bed of hers. I smile and change into my cycling outfit. I had a mild stroke some months back which affected my balance and lower extremities. And I couldn’t use my hands to write. After a week or so my senses slowly returned. By the end of the month I was back to near normal. Near because my lower extremities still felt odd.  I tried the treadmill. Some improvement but I wasn’t satisfied. Then I thought of that bike. My son had assembled it some time back and used up quite an amount to complete it. It was there in the garage gathering dust. So I cleaned it up, oiled it, and checked to see if everything was alright. I wouldn’t want to do an Evel Knievel on my first try. My wife was against it including my son who was working away from home. I said, “Don’t worry, piece of cake. It’s just a bike,” I assured them and added, “So easily forget that I’ve a been driving a big Yamaha dirt bike for more than seven years?!!” “Oh sure I remember,” my wife had said, “20 years ago!” She was right you know. Come to think of it, it’s really been that long before i gave up dirt biking.

Now, I was about to ride a bicycle not a motorcycle. But would you believe that after having that mild stroke, to try a bicycle made me sweat and nervous. I feared that I could lose my balance and dive into the pavement. Not a good thing for a senior. But of course I tried not to show it. I kicked the bike forward and smoothly brought up my right leg across to the pedal. So far so good I thought. I pedaled, slowly at first and brought it to a gentle cruise. Everything was Ok. And that was the start of my routine biking ritual every other day of the week. Now if you should ask me what triggered my mild stroke, it was this. Remember I have never smoked nor drunk liquor in my life. Of course I’ve tried it but that’s the closest I ever got. But, and that’s a big but, I love deep fried Chicken Skin, Chicharon Bulaklak, Lechon Cebu, Bagnet and all things crispy and shiny. Just before that stroke, I prepared for myself chicken skin for breakfast and chicharon bulaklak for lunch and dinner.Image result for chicken skin images Since I couldn’t have enough I repeated this the next day. And on the third day after coming back from the market on my car, I opened the door to get out. My body moved but unfortunately the legs refused to follow. It created quite a panic. Well, anyway just an advise from a guy who experienced it. It’s not worth it. The food I mean. A few bites and that’s enough. Everything in moderation. So new year’s eve, just let it lie on the table 🙂

People have  been asking, “Ang tagal ng boxing, kelan matatapos?” Frankly, I never thought it would last this long. After the exposes of the huge loans, selling of church properties, lavish lifestyles of the hierarchy, and abuse of power and influence, we are still here at the crossroads. I’m reminded of the Pacquiao-Marquez fights that seemingly would never end, but it did, maybe. Blind followers, minions, or whatever you may call them or us for that matter, the fact remains that the majority still refuse to leave the organization we call the INC. It’s an attachment that they can’t seem to let go. They would rather wait it out inside the organization and hope  for that miracle. The regular church farers are still there together with the deacons/ess, secretariat, treasury, and everyone else silently performing their functions without complaints.  And that is what keeps this INC going.

Image result for blogs imagesSo, in the meantime what do WE do? What have we been doing? Oh sure, blogs like this one will continue, bickerings on Facebook with no end in sight. And that bickering is not focused only on the irregularities of the church but infighting as well. Defenders against Defenders.  Now I see three groups forming there – one for a particular minister and another for a second one. The third one remains silent. In comparison it’s just the same as the current INC. One group is against, the other fervently obeys, and a third is silent which is the majority. My son says it doesn’t really matter whether you cry foul or not or just being quiet about it all. The ball is already rolling and the game is already being played. We are merely pawns in a game of chess. Whether we are sacrificed or not is not our concern. Only the players know and anticipate the outcome of each  move. Who are the players? There have only been two since the beginning of time.

Meanwhile, I suggest you take a good look at your son or daughter, or your wife or husband who has been there with and for you and not just stare at that lap, tab, or phone all day long. A few years back we managed quite well without it remember? Now we are obsessed with it. They say it brings friends closer. Oh come on, read the fine print. It only brings Globe, Smart, and Sun closer. Closer to riches beyond compare. And of course Mark Zuckerberg too.  For emergencies daw.  Haven’t you noticed the market of reality? It creates the need, then follows it with the solution. Before, our babies were quite satisfied with the lampin or cloth diaper where the babies’ mother would wash it after every use. Now, its the disposable diaper which only taught our mothers to ma-diri to baby poo. And here is another which I like – the panty-liner and the feminine wash. Wow! that’s pure market genius! Ask your Mom if she ever used this before. A few months back, someone tried to introduce a male version of this but guess what, it didn’t click. They should have tried the brief- liner while they were at it. Pinapagpag lang yan pa liner liner pa!

Family is important. Never forget it. Particularly the olds (like me). We are a sentimental lot. We cry easy, we hurt easy,and we miss easy. We miss our children particularly when they have their own families. We miss more our grandchildren (though mine all are furry with tails) and are affected dearly when we hear they are sick. We may not be as strong physically but I guarantee you our minds are still working. And we know if we are being taken for granted or not, but we try to understand. We may forget more frequently, take longer in the grocery queue counting our change, and understand less this modern technology but still we would like to believe we did our best in trying to give you a good life. In our times of frailties remember us. That is all we ask.

Happy New Year my dearest friends, brothers and sisters, and everyone who has been a part in this wonderful year. May we all have a fruitful year ahead of us. Happy Birthday rin po Tatay. Hindi po naming makakalimutan ang iyong kaarawan habang nabubuhay!

(At itong lintik na pamamalakad sa Iglesia, sana matapos na para makapagsimula na tayo uli. Bwisit!)

2016 in Pictures:

One of our dearest Ministers Ka Daniel Lapid passed away.


Red Cross refuses to involve itself with 36 Tandang Sora.

The agony continues …

Piecemeal for Tandang Sora, Lingap for the rest …

EVM and the Administration, Cayman Islands, private planes, etc. etc. …sanggunian2

Who could forget Forbes and that mansion worth a whopping 1 Billion!

The fake priest …

Attack on a helpless woman and her children …

And the unfinished projects and repair of the chapels …

Nuff said!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!