mmy porch is a very quiet place. In fact too quiet I guess to a fault. It is here where I gather my thoughts and reflect on life. It is also here where I wonder and hope for a wonderful tomorrow. Not too much for me nor my wife but for the kids, their children, and the coming generation. My era may not live to see the change for the good but I pray that the remaining will be strong and determined. The children need to be guided, to be informed, to be taught. That God is not just a book divided into two parts. That Jesus is not just a man who was nailed to the cross. It is not just going to church every Thursday and Sunday, giving alms, and enticing people to its membership.  It is not about the lake of fire and eternal damnation. It is not about fear nor aggression. This world already has enough of that and we don’t need any more.

We need understanding, humility, care, for the next person sitting beside you. No one is better than anyone else. We were all created equal. Without the other, we would not survive. Everything is interrelated. That was how God perceived it, that is how it should be. Break that chain, we go against the core of life as God so intended. Then, we sin. Then, we go haywire. Everyone for himself. Branding tags to differentiate people – the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the most important. Alienating religion. Boasting of sole salvation and praising man as the most loved. How is that possible when we all started from single genes given to two separate individuals Adam and Eve? Are we not all brothers and sisters? Should we not care for each other? Are we not family in the eyes of the Lord?


Is it not enough that we erred in our decisions but do we have to defend it too? Mistakes and weaknesses are inherent in all of us. Do you have to be an underling to admit it and a King to deny it? Why force a denial when it can clearly be seen in the eyes of the subdued? What’s the necessity of kicking a person who is already crawling on the ground? Christianity is more than that.  Life is more than that.

Five more days and we celebrate the birthday of one of the most respected leaders of this world – Erano G. Manalo. His father Felix Y. Manalo chose the perfect successor to his throne.

Image result for eduardo manalo imagesThere is an interesting quote that rings true to this day. It is said that in a generation of successes, the first generation creates, the second expands, and the third squanders. In the later years of Ka Erdy, his deputy and eldest son Eduardo together with his wife Babylyn were discovered to have been involved in an attempt of his ouster as Executive Minister. Their henchman Jojo de Guzman together with a number of ministerial students were then either expelled or cast out. All brainchild projects of Ka Eduardo were dismantled – ASCII, SCAN, and NEW GEN.  The only mistake if we can call it that, was Ka Erdy’s failure to expel his eldest son and wife. His reasons, we may never know.  But very apparent is its effect. Now, felt down to its deepest core. Do we blame Ka Erdy for his mistake? If this is God’s church then there was no mistake. It had been foretold all along. Foretold as the Grand Flood, the fall of King Solomon, the Resurrection of the Christ. No, it was not a mistake but merely a test to see how far we would be willing to go, to do what is good, and to stand up for the right reasons. We make mistakes, God does not.

God created Bro. Felix Manalo. I believe He also created Bro. Erano Manalo. Eduardo Manalo? Definitely, it was not God’s creation. Who’s then? Your guess is as good as mine.

Times may not be the same, but my family and I continue to thank God for the Church, the exemplary leadership of Ka Erdy, and the unwavering support of Ka Tenny and her remaining children.  We assure them that  we have never forgotten their sacrifices nor have we forgotten the good memories of Ka Erdy and his love for the Church to which he gave his life. We will overcome as God has foretold. And that my dearest friends and brethren, is the TRUTH.

Maligayang Kaarawan po Tatay !ka erdy