nnot so long ago, there was a very popular blog that drew quite a crowd of readers because of its frank and open discussion of issues affecting the INC. However this also brought about the ire of the church’s hierarchy which attempted everything in (and out of) the books to identify and punish these bloggers. They have been partly successful in this endeavor but apparently the buzz still continues and it is getting louder by the day. Our good friend Nico was one of them. Though we had not met in person, including the so many of our friends who we only know by  aliases, this bond that we share escapes definition. A close knit group with only one thing in mind – love of the Church, Christ’s Church, his body. To inform our brethren that not all is well with Christ’s body. It is ailing, it needs treatment. We are not here to fight. We are here to help. We are here to cure the disease not to cover it up. When attempting to save a drowning person in running water there is always the possibility that you will drown as well. But that is the risk we all take when it concerns the life of a person whether we know him or not. Christ did it for us. Why shouldn’t we do it for him?

“Good Day, dear Brother William.

This is Bro Nico (aka: Nicodemus). Don’t know if you remember me.

Ocontemplating-2ver the latter part of this year, I’ve consciously separated myself from much of the news and noise of today’s Church of Christ (INC). I’ve done this for a series of reasons, but suffice to say – it’s been a nice break from the frustration and disappointment I regularly felt when I was actively blogging about the INC. Not to say that I don’t still feel that frustration and disappointment – it’s just not as intense a feeling as it used to be.

But a person obviously does NOT have to be a blogger to see and feel the constant negative changes and messages coming from the Church administration. The most glaring of these (lately) is, of course, the strong and aggressive push for more and more money (offering).

There is an overwhelming scent of desperation laced through all of the lessons and letters we’ve received lately, getting worse and worse as the monumental Day of Thanksgiving draws nearer. The average member who pays attention can read between the lines: The Church is losing money. More accurately, the Brethren aren’t giving as generously as they used to. So, in response, the lessons are solely focused on the Biblical reasons that it is undeniably God’s desire that each of us not only give willingly, but that we give “Aboundingly”. We must give till it hurts to truly show our obedience and love for God. Anything less is a sin of the greatest magnitude.

This message is much more blunt and in-your-face when presented by some ministers versus others, but the message is definitely there.

The decades I’ve worked in the business world gives me the confidence to say that the words and actions of our illustrious administration would quickly and easily be categorized as “Desperate” and “Poor Management” by the reputable businesses of today. When you’ve mismanaged your revenue, when you’ve lost the faith of your shareholders, and when you choose to verbally abuse your current and past employees, they would all agree that business foreclosure is not far behind.

As a global church, we used to be immune to that comparison and fate. But ever since EVM and his minions have taken over, they’ve chosen to run the church like a business. And it’s SO easy to see that they absolutely SUCK at running such a business. It’s also apparent that there is no one in a position of authority that has a single clue that they’re doing anything wrong.

And, as we all know, the true definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

I only occasionally miss blogging and actively interacting with my readers, but reading your articles reassures me that there is a true voice still speaking in the darkness — a true and trustworthy voice.

Thank you for that, dear Brother.

Take care. Be Blessed.

Bro Nico”

night skyDear Nico,

It was a very pleasant surprise hearing from you again. I’m sure many of our readers feel the same way too. It’s a relief to know that you are in good spirits. Take care always and best regards to the family as well. As they say, life is serious as it is, why make it worse. It is rather, feel the warmth of the Sun, the romantic wonder of the Moon, and the cool comfort of the Mountains. All created by God, our Creator, our Father.


Here’s an interesting reaction from JonSnow addressed to EVM and his los sacerdotes:

“Hello Bro WS. this comment is related to EVMs latest webex performance:

iglesia_ni_cristo_inc_executive_minister_brother_eduardo_manalo_croppedThere you go bro Eddie Boy, we know that you are personally reading this. Accept the challenge from your own sermon to give the most on this upcoming year-end thanksgiving like king David did. And like king David, let everyone know how much you gave to serve as an example to the rest of the lowly church members. That also goes to all you high ranking officials who we know reads and frequents the brethren’s blogs like this one. Announce to everyone how much you will offer this coming weekend like what the officers and heads of the church in king David’s time did. It’s obviously biblical so you don’t have any reason or alibi not to do it. It’s like putting your money where your mouth is, and to assure us lowly brethren that you are not hypocrites and just scheming to milk money from the unsuspecting brethren.

The relentless effort to force/coerce the brethren to give more (and according to your lesson last night, give more than we could) by using verses to scare people that blessings will not come in our lives if the amount we give is not “big in number” (minister’s words from last night) is off putting and just shameless in your part. It’s all about money?

You even use 2 Corinthians 9 to justify the yearly giving of big offerings but the verses never said that it needs to be done year after year. What the verses recorded is that the members prepared a year in advance a one time gift for the purpose of the ministry. There’s a difference there. Also, the first century Church placed EARNEST men in charge of the gifts collected to ensure that the offerings will be used appropriately. For the record, nobody inside the INC thinks that the Santoses headed by the sleazy Glicerio and his drug addicted sons are earnest men.

small-chapelsAnd then you boasts that we are the only one’s building chapels nowadays to somehow justify the relentless campaign for more monetary offering and sells it as if it is for the glory of God and Christ. Look at the chapelettes that you are building (actually paid for by volunteer members and not from the offerings you gather). They are not appropriate for worshiping God. Is that how lowly you view the majesty of God? I don’t even attend worship services in chapelettes because they are an insult to the Almighty.

In contrast, look at the chapels that other religions that you mock builds. They are breathtaking to look at. And why do they build them as majestic as they possibly can? Because they build them to reflect the glory of the Almighty.

That is how we should be building chapels. As majestic as we possibly can. Anything less is not acceptable.

The problem with you is that you think you can fool people with the numbers that you boast in your webex performances. Please realize that a 24 oz Kobe steak is way better and satisfying than a truck full of horse shit.

And to you sis Babylyn, Well played. You set to destroy the family of Ka Erdy to placate yourself and your offspring, and unthinkable as that maybe. It happened. It just proves that people really cannot underestimate the power of evil… and of course having a weak and easily manipulated husband helps too. But know this, no one inside the INC truly respects you because of the evil things you have done to the Church. Even your henchmen ministers only bow to you and your evil schemes because of the power that they think you have inside the INC. But you do not have any power. They only think you do. The INC members do not think you have any power and soon your ministers will realize that too. The power inside the INC resides in God and Christ and not in men.

sanggunian2bro Eddie Boy, sis Babylyn, Glicerio and family and the whole sangoonian. The day of your reckoning is fast approaching. In 2019, you will have to pay all the debts that you secretly acquired using the INC’s name and dignity. The lowly members will not be able to shoulder your debts. How can we? We don’t have the money. And one by one the INC properties will be foreclosed by the banks. You might not really care because you have stashed away the money in your personal accounts already. But you will answer to us and to God because we will not let crooks like you get away with stealing the INC treasury that was offered to God.

  • JonSnow”