2012_toyota_avanza_veloz_indonesia_front_quarter_view2mmerry Christmas everyone, just a few more days to go and it’s jingle bells time! No one must understand the spirit more than our beloved EVM and his countless hords of cattle known as los sacerdotes or more appropriate los saceridiots.  


And some comments from the public.



The Toyota Avanza. Nice piece of wheels, don’t you think? And great thinking too to maintain control and loyalty. Next time add a more pizzazz, try getting an Audi, Jaguar, or maybe a Benz. Nice interiors too 🙂

May kasabihan – Sarap talagang gamitin ang perang hindi pinaghirapan at lalong sarap gamitin ang perang hindi sa yo

And finally a question to all our los sacerdotes and their families:

Is that Avanza you now own, covered by a Certificate of Registration under your own name? And if by chance it doesn’t do you have the guts to ask the great JS to have it transferred? Just a side thought my dear so called ministers of God. (Kung ako ang dakilang Auditor, bakit ko ibibigay sa yo, maibenta mo pa, kumita ka pa, ako na lang  🙂 )