mmaraming Maraming salamat po Kapatid na Eduardo V. Manalo, Mahal na mahal po naming kayo!” ” Maligayang  Kaarawan po Kapatid na Eduardo V. Manalo “ and the never-ending, “One with EVM“. So forth and so on…


Now let’s see how the same  would appear if the tables were turned and WE were the bystanders and the observing public. Let’s compare.

First, let’s go and visit the many locales of the “Ang Dating Daan”. Do you by chance aside from their schedules of worship service notice any poster or streamer screaming out, “We are one with Ely F. Soriano,”? Or maybe come April of each month a huge banner shrieking, “Maligayang Kaarawan po Ka Ely F. Soriano,”?  Here are a few of the many pictures portraying their activities. The nearest you can get to a similar streamer of ours are the ADDs Ely Soriano’s portrait aside a description of “To God be the Glory”.


Let’s go to Davao and visit the famous Quiboloy’s Kingdom of Jesus Christ. A clean beautiful place. No streamers to obstruct the view.


Well, when the Pope visited Manila a few years back, we did witness the huge commotion but somehow they treat their cathedrals a little different from the way we treat our chapels these days. Take the case of the Manila Cathedral. You’ll notice banners welcoming the Pope from the enthusiastic public but the cathedral itself is free from any degrading streamers or banners.


How about our Protestant and Muslim brothers? So solemn.


All of these temples and chapels were built for only one purpose – TO GLORIFY AND SERVE GOD.  Though their faith may differ with ours, the purpose and grand design remain the same. To worship the Creator and Ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the Supreme being.  The one and ONLY. Adulation is reserved for Him alone. No one else.

How the Iglesia Ni Cristo‘s Eduardo Manalo can fit into this equation will continue to remain a mystery. But I see where he  got the idea. No photoshop here. (http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-epa04562164-filipinos-wait-outside-the-manila-cathedral-to-attend-77826474.html



And to end this piece, I’d like to greet the great EVM –