hhhave you ever wondered why the many pleas of assistance from government and private sectors have reached deaf ears when it comes to human rights violations of residents at 36 Tandang Sora?  The Executive, Legislative, and  the Judiciary just continue to keep their distance when problems of the INC takes forefront. We clarify such aloofness to the huge influence of the INC hierarchy on Philippine politics owed to the unique bloc-voting exercise practiced by the Church during elections. This assumption is correct. However, one extremely important factor on this inference has been left out.

panggipit-1024x738Remember, God has always emphasized that He is a jealous God . Now, when Atty. Angeles was removed from the scene and  Atty. Saguisag took her place; did it make any difference with how the family was treated at TS? No. Requests were made with the Human Rights Commission. Any change? No. Then the latest. The Red Cross and Senator Gordon. Any significant change? No. In fact, conditions apparently worsened. Don’t you think we may have  been barking up the wrong tree? Or worse, probably missed the tree altogether.

Have you ever even wondered of a possible future scenario where a non-INC third party intervened in favor of the family and managed to save them from their current despondent condition? What if by some miracle, the family were rescued and the Church restored and returned to the care of the remaining Manalos through a third party non-INC intervention? What face would we have to show to the rest of the world that we only managed to regain control with the help of people not in any way connected with the Church? Would we be able to shout and declare with all sincerity that there is no “salvation” outside the church? I doubt it. Sila nga ang unang nagligtas sa atin. Tapos, ngayon walang kaligtasan sa labas ng Iglesia, malabo di ba? I’m sorry to say but it doesn’t work that way. God does not work that way. He will not allow it that way.

jesus-753063_960_720History is full of people making sacrifices. Let’s start from our very own, Jesus Christ. He taught a different “king” and was nailed to the cross. Martin Luther King was assassinated for his fight on equal rights. Mahatma Gandhi was killed for pushing independence and civil rights. Jose Rizal strayed on dangerous grounds, religion, and paid dearly for it – bullets ripping apart his soul until he breathed his last. Rituals such as prayers in any form are reserved for a Church at peace with his God. But when that same Church is threatened, rituals are not enough. Movement must be implemented. By who? People who know nothing about the Church? Or by people who love the Church? How? That still remains to be seen.

ph_jose-rizal-heroism_bagumbayan36 Tandang Sora? It has continued too long to the detriment of everyone not only to the family but to their supporters as well. So many have also suffered as a consequence thereof. How many ministers and brethren here and abroad were expelled for the support of the family? How many will still suffer because of them? Are we all here just to add to the misery, to divide the Church, add more hatred among brethren? The only way to restore sanity to TS is to retreat. Give the “enemy” a semblance of victory.  Reunite and discuss how to approach the issue. Ka Angel, Ka Marc or anyone trusted by the majority should then plan the next course of action. We are not discounting God but instead putting “money where our mouth is”. There will be issues no doubt and most will be negative. The administration will do everything to discredit the movement. Their survival is at risk. They will leave no stone unturned. Casualties will occur. But that is the price we will have to pay.  Or, we can take the easy way out.  Wait till the “boat” nearly sinks then take over. But it will not be the same thing. The “boat” may no longer legally belong to us by then.

We lack one thing.  We talk and that is unfortunately all that we ever do. It has aroused interest among members as well as the observing public. However, these will only be good reading pieces, nothing more. No one apparently is willing to  dip their fingers and risk getting it dirty. Are we ready to dip our fingers for Christ and our Church or should we just wait it out? The decision is ours. Not this government or any government elsewhere but us who were called to serve and protect His Church. Whatever that takes.

  • William Smith