tthere’s really not much to be said when it comes to oppression. It always leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It doesn’t matter if you know the parties concerned or not. Oppression is bullying because you know that the oppressed cannot fight back either out of fear or simply is incapable of doing so. They are pushed into a corner. Nowhere to go.  Completely helpless.

The families of Lottie Hemedez and Angel Manalo are bullied and victims of oppression. They are being pushed to the wall. It is unbelievable how they have withstood this inhumane treatment for so long.  And to think this form of oppression is spearheaded by no less than their eldest brother the “head” of a homegrown religion which calls itself the “Church of Christ” or “Iglesia Ni Cristo” is another test of comprehension that defies logic and moral behavior. With current members of this church having only one thing in mind – salvation from eternal fire – at the expense of the basic violation of a term we call humanity. Such a selfish lot of people who deserves no compassion from the heavens we understand as God. Maybe it is time we all define ourselves in accordance with what God basically represents – LOVE.  And maybe then  shall we understand what the opposite conveys – HATE, the Devil, and Hell.


A handwritten letter by Lottie and Angel Manalo addressed to Senator Richard Gordon requesting for assistance.

A map of the insides to the compound:


Image result for Dick Gordon images


And all the imbeciles guarding the place who I’m sure would scatter like frightened rats and cockroaches if an actual attempt of a rescue would be initiated on the oppressed family, which is not a far-fetched possibility.