pplease indulge with me on two comments I received which very much reflects the state of the INC now.

From 10 minute email

12063822_1190459987632225_2936287910939524565_n“I was expectedly disappointed by the recent Webex worship service officiated in Kowloon, and it deeply saddens me to say that for a couple reasons. One, I’d expected it to let me down, and it unfortunately fulfilled this expectation just as many worship services have for the course of some years now. Two, because it really didn’t have to turn out the way that it did, which is something I’d like to expand on.

It’s true that the spread, growth, and development of the INC to various parts of the world is cause for celebration. It’s a great accomplishment and in accordance with the will and commandment of Our Almighty God. We couldn’t possibly have achieved anything without His help and outpouring of blessings, so we should always be thankful and return all honor and glory to him. But in spite of these reasons to rejoice, we should all the more dedicate ourselves to furthering the INC’s spread and growth. Why?

This is a perfect lead-in to a very important lesson: there are still many people all over the world who don’t have access to the door to salvation, the true Church of Christ. Think of all the people in our lives–not just our family, relatives, friends, and loved ones, but also all the people we see every day. The people we pass on the street, people who wait at the same bus or jeepney stop or train station, people who run the small mom and pop shops we visit to and from school or work. Now, think of how many of these people are members of the true church that Our Lord Jesus Christ will save on judgment day. Imagine judgment day happens, and these people watch us getting caught up in the clouds. What if they recognize us and realize that they might be caught up in the clouds with us if we, as INC members, had only cared and loved our fellow man enough to extend them invitations?

That would’ve been a beautiful lesson, wouldn’t it? A reminder of love, care, compassion, and mercy toward our fellow man. The kind of lesson so many of us miss and truly yearn for… Alas, that’s not the lesson taught to us by our Executive Minister. No, he gave a lesson boasting of the INC’s exclusivity in the usual accusatory finger-pointing us-versus-them fashion we’ve all grown accustomed to. In a span of less than twenty minutes, he defines mockers, deceivers, and hypocrites before launching into a series of jokes that openly mocks and nearly curses some INC members’ for claiming that our worship service lessons are different. In doing so, he shows great intolerance and a horrifying lack of empathy for anyone with questions, from curious bible students seeking the truth to long-time members who can differentiate the lessons we used to hear from the recent ones that we always hear.

He said that our lesson outlines are the same as those from the time of the Last Messenger, the same as those passed on to and used by the previous Executive Minister. But the keyword is ‘outline’, and that doesn’t mean the entire lesson is completely the same in terms of content, delivery, and message. Time and again, our ministers attempt to emphasize that we should be united with the Church Administration and follow the commandments he teaches in our worship services. We’re told not to pick and choose which commandments to follow, but our Executive Minister and his council pick and choose which ones we learn about in our worship services.

I’m starting to think they’ve been gaslighting us members of the Church of Christ for some time now, perhaps longer than we’ve even realized. (From Wikipedia: Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form of psychological abuse in which a victim is manipulated into doubting their own memory, perception, and sanity.) How many of the officers’ messages and reminders have changed from ‘let us […] to truly render thanks and praises to Our Almighty God and Lord Jesus Christ’ to ‘let us […] so that we can be fully united with the Church Administration’? How many other districts upheld the 7:23 devotional prayers? Was there ever truly a precedent for that written in the bible, and in what book? These are only a couple examples, but I’m sure I can think of more if I really dedicate time and effort to it.

There’s a difference between feeling anger and bitterness, or sorrow and pity, and acting on those feelings in a sinful manner. I recall a lesson mentioning that one of the most important tenets upheld by our Executive Minister is the ‘sanctity of the offering’–is that supposed to be more important than doctrines about loving our parents or our fellow man? When did we stop learning about how Christ said we should love our enemies rather than persecuting, scorning, or mocking and ridiculing them? When did God green-light INC members to start bullying others, degrading them in Internet memes, hacking, stalking, harassing, and so on? Isn’t even something supposedly small like name-calling an act of the people of this world, and should we really be calling each other names online?

At any rate, these are my thoughts since the Webex worship service. So I guess we’ll see–if I’m “lucky” enough that the Administration, his council, or ministers encounter my questions, perhaps they’ll twist my words and mock me in an upcoming worship service.

  • 10 minute email”

From Mario 

accept“What’s in a name? It means a lot to many. I like my name especially if they call me Super Mario. Eduardo? How about calling him Prince Edward or King Edward?

When EGM was still alive, his eyes alone and the way he looked say a lot about this man. Shaking his hand was a very memorable experience. You could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. You could feel the love and sincerity. On the other hand, EVM’s facial features are scary in time for the coming “Halloween”. Diabolic laughter during worship service? Take note of his eyes…are they not diabolic? We don’t believe in superstitions but I do consult my Feng Shui friend once in a while. He described EVM’s look as terrible. His eyes, eye brows, shape of face are all negative.

Duterte or Digong is much hated by his enemies. His tough talking, combative, cursing behavior turn off lots of people. Yet, he was elected by 16M Filipinos. What about EVM? He was not elected. I don’t believe in what we’ve always been told that the elders of the church elected him or his election as Executive Minister was a unanimous decision. In fact, report still continues that he was not picked by EGM before the latter passed away. That means EVM is a fake, a usurper. But who elected him? Why is he now the current leader of the church? Who? The Devil?

This Halloween, masks are being distributed and sold. Mga maskara nina Obama, Duterte, Bato. May maskara ba si EVM? Hindi na daw kailangan dahil mukha lang niya diablo na. Pero maraming mga panatiko niya ang magsusuot ng maskara niya. Ano kaya kung isuot nila ang maskara ni EVM sa pagsamba?

  • Mario”