yyou know dear friends, you have to take a breather once in a while. And that means not only from the daily chores of work but from FB and blogging as well.  You get that much needed rest, a fresh outlook in life. Negative vibes bring too much, stress, anger, and hatred. Not a good thing when the core discussion always refers to God.  And God is Love, right?

introtoinc_history_2016_banner-300x169So without further ado, let’s see how the last few days have fared with respect to church events.  First, Tandang Sora. It’s quite ironic when you relate history with the family holed up at Tandang Sora.  Actually Melchora Aquino de Ramos is “Tandang Sora”. One of the Philippines national hero. A Filipina revolutionary who became known as “Tandang Sora” (“Elder Sora”) because of her age. She is also known as the “Grand Woman of the Revolution” and the “Mother of Balintawak” for her contributions.

In her native town, Tandang Sora operated a store, which became a refuge for the sick and wounded revolutionaries. She fed, gave medical attention to and encouraged the revolutionaries with motherly advice and prayers. Secret meetings of the Katipuneros (revolutionaries) were also held at her house . Thus she earned the names “Woman of Revolution”, “Mother of Balintawak”, “Mother of the Philippine Revolution”, and Tandang Sora (Tandang is derived from the Tagalog word matandâ, which means old). When the Spaniards learned about her activities and her knowledge to the whereabouts of the Katipuneros, she was interrogated but she refused to divulge any information. She was then arrested by the guardia civil and was deported to Guam.

After the United States took control of the Philippines in 1896, Tandang Sora, like other exiles, returned to Philippines until her death on March 2, 1919, at the age of 107. Her remains were then transferred to her own backyard (now known as Himlayang Pilipino Memorial Park, Quezon City) []

Thus, even in history, Tandang Sora depicts significance for change, martyrdom, and the struggle for justice.

Compare now the two faces of the INC. The following represents Lingap sa Mamamayan. a showing of “love” for our fellowmen:

And the treatment  by the same INC at Tandang Sora where basic necessities are denied to the family:

My wife and I attended the Webex worship service this morning and I would like to congratulate all the “detractors” for a job well done.  Without admitting, the INC has finally confirmed the worth of the “detractors”. A whole lesson dedicated to the “small” group.  Let’s all give ourselves a pat in the back. Bow. Sa totoo lang, ang puwing nakakabuwisit sa buhay and don’t they know it! Inciting laughter or to discredit the “deceivers” was merely a futile attempt. I felt sorry for EVM. Trying so desperately …

The last part of the worship service was the thanksgiving prayer for the offerings of the brethren. The only thing missing  was the offering. There was nothing inside that kahon ng handugan in front of the pulpit. The boxes for the Abuloy and Tanging Handugan remained in the lobby. The deacons/sses were not directed to collect the offerings so they merely served as receptionists during the service. Everyone was advised to drop their offerings in the box located in the lobby.  In short, a thanksgiving prayer for nothing. Tsk, tsk. How naive can you get.

After the service, I noticed my wife waiting for me outside but she seemed down and sad.

I asked, “What seems the problem, katatapos ng pagsamba, malungkot ka?”

She answered, “Kanina, katabi ko ang isang matanda, dala dala niya siguro apo niya. Nagtanong ang bata, ‘Lola, abuloy ko?’  Sagot ng Lola, ‘Anak, hinulog ko na sa kahon kanina sa labas hindi ba?’  Sagot ng bata, ‘Hindi abuloy yan Lola, akin na abuloy ko’. Nakakalungkot. Buti pa bata, alam niya tuntunin sa abuloy. Kinagisnan niya noon pa. At ngayon, pinapalitan natin. Saan patungo ang Iglesia?”

I changed the subject. I don’t like seeing her that way. “Kinakamusta ka ni Ka Edna”.

“Kausap ko na nga eh, ano ka ba?” she uttered.

Her mood slowly changed, then I said, “Tara, bili tayo ng manok sa 
SM. Ipriprito ko!”

“Ano, leeg ng manok nanaman?!”

She knew I had a preference to fried chicken necks. So crispy with my own home-made gravy.

By the way, may I suggest Access the Truth to proofread their picture posts. You don’t post a dilapidated Templo with scaffoldings and declare “I am proud to be …”



Oops, my wife’s calling. It’s 1:30 in the morning. Goof, Katy and her kits, are all gone in deep sleep. Time to rest this weary head too. Good night dear friends and brethren too.  I just remembered, there’s a good song that goes something like, “God is watching ..” So let’s all cheer up. In due time, in due time …