xx-cats-and-dogs-getting-along-__605hhhe slowly brushed aside the sheet and sat on his side of the bed, paused for a moment to check on his wife.  She was fast asleep. He glanced at the dresser – it was 4:10 in the morning. That dream. He no longer could recall it but was enough to jerk him from his sleep. He stood up and quietly walked to the front door as he glanced over his dog snoring in her small bed in the corner. She never curled up to sleep but instead would just lie down on her back exposing her tummy with outstretched front and hind legs.He smiled as he softly walked over to the front porch, looked over the horizon and gazed at the night lit sky. It was a beautiful sight. Then he sensed some small feet trotting  towards him from behind. His dog yawning and stretching approached him and stared at him with her deep blue eyes. He picked her up, gave a smack on her forehead and together just stood there comforting each other appreciating the full moon and the starry sky. It would be dawn soon he thought. An unexpected chill surrounded them as a slight drizzle started. “Let’s go back in Goof, it’s cold, you’re shivering …”

Caty and her kits were now awake too but chose to stay indoors. Smart cats. I prepared breakfast for them. Trained them to also eat dog food so that I wouldn’t have to buy two sets of feeds. So now Goof, Caty, and her kits all eat dog food and they love them. Particularly the Bonus brand from SM. It has a sweet kick unlike the rest which are all bland. I know because I pop a few myself but of course when my wife’s not looking.

mqdefaulttthe last two days have been interesting with Senator De Lima grasping the limelight. High profile inmate Colanggo’s statement was a far cry from that of Matobato. Fluently delivered without hesitation and consistent throughout. A false testimony will always break when cross examined by an expert if the testimony involves dates, places, and people. It is almost next to impossible to maintain consistency. Body language is also another giveaway. A true statement is easy to tell simply because it is first hand experience. A false one needs to be memorized. For example, let’s say you were invited to a birthday party at Shakey’s. If you were physically there, you’d remember more or less the other invited guests, what time it started and ended, the food ordered, how many attended, etc. etc. On the other hand, if you were coached and a question not appearing in your script is asked, the natural response would be to stop because you need to think the right answer. A true witness just answers the questions as he hears them and admits not remembering or knowing when he doesn’t. The false witness pushes himself to answer all the questions.

04_matobato-senatexThat’s the reason why Matobato’s statement crumbled on cross. He knew all the dates and circumstances significant to the issue but could not remember the dates and circumstances of other equally significant facts. If he was a good for nothing true killer, I would have required him to do an actual demonstration of handling a series of weapons to determine his expertise in that area. I would have asked him how many shots would have taken to actually kill a person and where he aims it at. I would have asked him what he sees in a victim’s eyes before putting a bullet in his head. A true killer will answer those questions without difficulty. And of course the most important question. Why the sudden change of heart to confess? There is no such thing as “protection” once identified. Better to just disappear.

On a side thought, this made me smile.  I would really love to be on the prosecuting panel when that time comes and all our beloved OWE faithful ministers are put on the stand to defend for themselves on the billions of funds ransacked from the Church treasury. Oh, that would be the day! I would love to see them squirm in their filth and slime as we bury them to the ground where they deserve to be.

mmindanao Avenue was not moving so I made a right turn to Tandang Sora for an alternate route to Commonwealth. I passed 36 TS and slowed down a bit and noticed the gate minus the gola, barandilla, etc. It was clean. I wondered how the family were doing. Tsk, tsk, I thought. It had to come to this.

I fondly remembered that early Sunday morning a few years back when I was assigned to oversee the 5:45 AM worship service as Head Deacon. As usual, I arrived around 4 to check on the supot ng mga diakono’t diakonesa, their suguan, and of course the prayer room (holding room for the officiating minister). I also double checked to see if the kahon ng handugan was position properly. Well, there was a time when the bantay kapilya after cleaning the main hall returned the kahon ng handog in reverse. Meaning ang bukas ng kahon ay hindi nakaharap sa kapulungan kungdi sa tribuna. So, ang kawawang PD na nakasugo noon imbes na nakatayo at nagmamasid lang sa mga diakono’t dikonesang naghuhulog ng supot sa kahon ay walang ginawa kung di inaabot ang lahat ng supot mula sa diakonot diakonesa para siya ang maglagay sa kahon!  Minsan naman, bagong varnish ang kahon at hindi inaasahan dumikit ng todo ang takip. Ito na, naglikom na ang nga diakono’t diakonesa. Nang bubuksan ang kahon, ayaw! Ilang ulit pilit binubuksan ng PD, ayaw pa rin. Lumapit ang ilang diakono na malapit sa kanya at tumulong sa pagbubukas. Matigas ang pagkakapit! Tumayo ang nangasiwa, pinagmasdan ang kaguluhan. Buti na lang sa wakas matapos ng ilang sandali bumukas rin ang kahon.  Anyway, these things happen. Sarap ngang ikuwento eh. Tao lang mga kapatid, tao lang 🙂

interphoto_1437627184So, where was I? Oh yes, after confirming everything was in order including the tribuna (may kuwento rin ako jan but next time na), I proceeded to the prayer room. I was quite stunned to see Ka Angel there. Only him and one other minister. He asked for our pastor and I replied that his suguan was for the evening worship service. He asked again if the pastor would not be accompanying them. I answered I wasn’t sure.  Quiet after that. He wouldn’t take his coffee. Come to think of it he never did even during his previous visits.  But something was not right. Where was his entourage, usually there would be a convoy with him when he officiates. His family would be arriving in a van but he would be taking the police car sitting beside the driver. That was basically the routine. This time no one aside from the reserbang ministro.  When I recall this incident, the last time he visited our locale, tension must have already been building between  the family.

egm1_0-2For those who have not seen Ka Angel, I’d like to say that he’s a carbon copy of the late Ka Erdy. I have seen and talked to them both close up. From the way he walks, the gestures, the voice, and the looks. No denying the genes – a perfect match.  I suddenly miss the father.

After the service, I was thinking that he would just leave the accounting of the handog to his second, the reserbang ministro. But instead for the first time in my long line of pagtupad he went up together with us to the bilangan and led the accounting of the offerings. His second explaining to him the rounds of financing procedure on the locale level. When we were through, of course picture, picture. But I had another thing in mind, his lapel pin of the Sugo (his namesake by the way). angel2While about to go down the stairs, “Ka Angel, baka pwede pong hingin ang pin ninyo?” “Sige,” he answered and now I  have that pin. There were rumors that he would be heading the finance sector of the Church then (explaining his presence at the bilangan) but sadly, things changed.

I also noticed Ka Jenny and the family seated in extra chairs at the front lobby waiting for Ka Angel to finish. I respectfully approached them and asked if they would wish to transfer to the pastoral receiving room. “Dito na lang po, huwag na po kayong mag-abala” So humble, so soft-spoken. They were raised very well indeed. Should I add, unlike the present crop of … ?


These memories have a way of searing into your being making your resolve so much stronger. Hopefully God willing, this sad chapter in our lives will soon come to an end.