6433902537_da66a7ba6c_zggoofy also notices it when I bring her along to the mall these days. Music in the air. “We’ve got it all for you,” coupled with tunes of “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,  Jack Frost nipping at your nose,” and of course the never ending “Ang Pasko ay sumapit”. No one beats the Filipinos when it comes to celebrating Christmas.  September is the start of Christmas here and Goofy loves it – barks at the lights and swoons at the music. Tugging me along whatever delights her fancy. I wonder if she considers me her pet than the other way around. Sometimes when I meet someone along the way and pause for a brief chit-chat, she looks at me, my friend, then looks at me again as if asking, “Hey, I’m here down here Boss, maybe you’d like to introduce me to this chick you’ve been oggling at?” And when I say to my friend, “Oh, I forgot to introduce you to my aide-de-camp and personal secretary, Ms. Goofy,” that’s the signal for her to jump all over my ‘chick’. So far no one has resisted picking her up and cuddling her and of course I wink back at her. Goofy loves this cuddling thing. I’ve made many new friends with Goofy around 🙂

hqdefaultThe following I give credit to dear Jay Borromeo where I first found this video clip of Youtube. It’s an interview by Noli de Castro of Magandang Gabi Bayan aired some many years ago. The panel is composed of Ka Bening representing the INC and other senior clergies from the Aglipay Church, Catholic Church, and Born Again Christians. Basically it touches on ‘Christmas’ and beliefs surrounding it. I’m sure none of the new and young members ever saw this episode and for those  who have seen it breaks our heart  to see how this Church we hold so dear has changed in so short a time. Come to think of it, I wonder how our new batch of ministers would have fared if they were pitched against senior clergies of today? Would they have stood strong and proud as Ka Bening did or whimper in shame and shrink like a tiny penis in a cold early morn?

And to all the ministers out there starting from the very top who still cling to the idea that belonging to the true Church is all that is necessary to be saved,  I tell you this. God has His own benchmark in determining salvation, we are mere mortals that cannot and should not dictate salvation using our terms and conditions.