egmoon this last day of August, 2016, before the clock strikes 12 and another day emerges, let’s spare a moment and reflect on Ka Erdy and his  legacy that exists to this day in the hearts of all of us.

The following is an email I received from Bergundy. He describes the event that transpired at Sydney Opera House in Australia, and a request for any information on the 7th Year Death Anniversary of Ka Erdy last Monday. As to the pictures of the event I had to pick some up from friends on Facebook. By the way Ka Israel Flores came together with some SCAN and their TV network. Unfortunately they refused the free T-Shirt the group were offering 🙂

“Just patiently wait, as we always get reminded, all in God’s good time.

I’m going back in my mind the happenings in the last few weeks – brethren leaving the church in family droves. Shames coming out that E is afraid of his wife as per what were divulged in the recent officer’s meeting in F Manalo. Brethren shunning the great “event” in the Sydney Opera House that now, it’s even deleted in the pastoral visits in It is so embarrassing they couldn’t even half fill the opera house they are not game to pan the camera around because all you see are all the empty seats!!! Then brethren thinking of snubbing the next visit to Japan on September 3.

E & goons world are slowly but surely shrinking. And of course, the cash they can gather (I’d rather say loot) is very much getting less and less.

It is all happening, so subtle but E & goons days are being reined in. Let’s keep our faith, God will do the rest.

Bro William – any update on EGM’s 7th year death anniversary commemoration event that supposedly happened last Monday? We’ll appreciate some tid bits if you were able to witness this. Thanking you in advance.

  • Bergundy

(Credits to Sisters Jesamine Reyes Bartolome, Karen Reyes-Bocaya, Brothers Felix Villocino, and so many others. The event was held in Makati City)