jjuicy stories keep us awake. Admit it, who doesn’t want to see that De Lima sex  video.

The drug issue? Well, either way you look at it,  there is no escaping the fact that it happened under her watch. It’s only a matter of time before her political career will go kaput. But that sex video, that’s one thing to expect for. Some sides say that it’s a private affair and not of our concern. Others say nothing is private in public office and everything  an open book or maybe the appropriate term is comic book. But come on, while reading this, do you want to see the video or not? For me, I’ve been waiting for it ever since the break of the Pandora Box. No, not that lousy video that some quarters are using to belittle the video claim. What do they take us for? One who can’t distinguish the real McCoy from an amateur porno download?

Well, this piece is not about that but likewise juicy still 🙂  All I want to hear now is whether the Church will admit it’s theirs or not. I have a feeling that dear Benito is also waiting for that too so that he would have reason to release the next document showing proof of ownership. The longer they wait, the deeper the rabbit hole.

Now, check out the interior of the Forbes Mansion!


And do you know that it is listed under one of the most  expensive homes in the world?!