ccouldn’t pass this up 🙂 . Got to hand it to dear Benito Affleck. He sure knows where to look!

  • William  

12998662_1212054332139457_673029051996771664_n (1)“Let’s greet this day .. starting with the 1B house-for-sale in Forbes Park.. it was put “on-list” since October 27 ,2015…

The OWNER is “undisclosed” not because of their security..its becoz the OWNER is  very well known in a RELIGIOUS Community. It was put “on-sale” as is , just they wanted it to DISPOSE ASAP.. !!! But, unfortunately , nobody is interested..why ?? it is just a WASTE of money .

The land is 500k/ sq meter… a good investment though …!
This is how they are dealing with issues…BUY and SELL… just like in stocks avoid PAPER trailing..and TAXES as well.

Its really a WASTE of money…
Anyways, its not EVM and cohorts bloods and sweats… so they can do whatever they want in those ” OFFERINGS” …

Oh yes,,, more TITHES … not just 10% but more than as what you have … !”