mmy wife is a very strong person despite her age and failing health. She’s also updated on everything going on in the Church. And now this Schutzengel issue. Yes, she read it too and asked some questions  while on the computer (I myself have given the article some five readings and still get confused).

(My ever-loyal Ms. Goofy suddenly gave a stern stare at my wife thinking her boss [me] was in danger. Ms Goof, my wife calls her OWD [owdee] in contrast to OWE [owee]. Well, OWD means “One With Daddy”. She snarls at everyone except yours truly. And Katy? As usual, not a care in the world. Just half-staring at Ms. Goofy and probably thinking, “What can you expect from an OWD.”)

5746106_origAnyway, while trying to comprehend the Schutzengel deal I  said to myself ,“Shit, with dementia and Alzheimer’s just around the corner and being out of circulation in real time, I need some help here …”  I made a call to my nephew, a stock analyst in Europe. Our conversation though brief touched on the most important aspects.

“Please check this site and tell me what it’s worth. Thanks very much.

Can this be done? “

“I think so. First of all,  it’s very expensive to build our own communications networks, so the fastest and often most efficient way po is to buy share in an already existing company. Secondly, since INC is in Red numbers I think they have decided po to engage in activities that would render profits. I don’t see any thing wrong there  given the precarious situation the INC is undergoing now.  We are truly in dire straits.”

“In the closing paragraph there’s a photo of a certificate from the Securities and Exchange Commission stating that it is a STOCK CORPORATION. Can that be easily done from Non-stock to stock corporation?”

“Yes. Although IPO terms differs from one country to another, in general terms if a company whose Majority shareholders decide to go public, they can easily do so.”

“In that case does it mean the INC is now a profit oriented business where we can buy or sell shares? Presuming that it is now a Stock Corporation?”

“Technically yes po. But I don’t see any problem to that tito, again given our current financial situation. I think they just want to sell stocks in order to get the profits and pay off debt. Typical and logical strategy tito. I don’t see why it should be incompatible with INC by-laws.”

“Thanks a lot.”

Now there are also talks of an inquiry to be conducted by a private firm on all these transactions whether legal or not – a paper trail.  Of course as far as we are concerned, we are not after the question – was it legal?  But more on moral grounds. Was it right? My wife sums it up while we were having breakfast this morning.

“Mahal, maghahanda ako ng maraming sibuyas at bawang …”  I thought for awhile  she was alluding to using garlic for aswangs, but onions, that kept me at bay. I asked, “Bakit?”

“Marami-rami sila. Para hindi ako kukulangin oras na ginigisa na sila.”   I love my wife.

Here’s the second installment of the Schutzengel deal. All credits again to Benito Affleck. (As expected, it’s one brilliant research work.)